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Ubisoft Reveals Far Cry: Primal


Just yesterday, Ubisoft posted a live video to YouTube stating that there would be some sort of announcement "coming soon." The video showed cave drawings along with a crackling fire, some sort of animal growling, and people talking in the background. Although, the speech sounded distant and faint, so what exactly was being said could not be heard. Over the coming five to six hours, the video had slowly been panning out, revealing more drawings that seemed to depict people from an ancient time weilding bows and arrows and other things of the sort.

A few hours after this video was uploaded to the internet, Ubisoft Switzerland released a fifteen second clip onto their Twitter page which only revealed mammoths. Creating many more questions than it answered. But, there seemed to have been a leak of information on what the game may be, before Ubisoft had officially announced it on their own. IGN Turkey uploaded the picture shown below, along with the caption "Far Cry: Primal" to their Twitter page shortly after the mammoth clip was made public.


UPDATE - After the possible leak by IGN Turkey, Ubisoft made everyone wait approximately twenty-four hours for an actual reveal of what this game could be. Just about an hour ago, they have officially announced that it is in fact Far Cry: Primal. The game will take place in the Stone Age, going much farther back from the time period Far Cry 4 had taken place in.

In Primal we will encounter huge mammoths, and sabre-toothed tigers that rule the land which has just gone through an ice age. With the glaciers melting away, they have revealed a lush open-world to explore and conquer. Playing as Trakkar, the last member of your tribe, your goals will be to set out across the land of Oros as you hunt and discover new and important resources. Utilizing fire along with weapons and tools crafted from the bones of animals you have hunted, you will further develop your skills while building up your tribe to fend off the savage animals throughout the land.

However, vicious beasts are not the only threats you will be faced with. There are enemy tribes across Oros, who are just waiting to kill you on sight. Master the skills you have acquired to stealthily investigate their outposts. But, keep in mind that any scent of blood will attract hungry predators who will not hesitate to attack for the food you have given them easy access to.

Along with the announcement, Ubisoft is also offering a chance for two people to be the very first to play Far Cry: Primal. You can enter this contest on their website for a chance to win two round-trip tickets to San Francisco in December, to get a hands-on experience of Primal. You can also pre-order your copy now, which will come with The Legend of the Mammoth Mission Pack. Far Cry: Primal is set to be released on February 23rd, 2016 across multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.







Source | Far Cry: Primal Website
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