Ubisoft has dished out ways for the players to see and learn how the agents of Tom Clancy’s The Division, are able to adapt into different kinds of roles and scenarios within the game. To accomplish this goal, a group of talented developers were called in to help out in this project. Lead Economic Designer Anrada Greciuc, Lead Character Artist Oskar Lundqvist, Senior Game Designer Matthieu Delisle, and Game Designer Drew Rechner were called on to this project to perfect key elements in the gameplay.

The player experience level is going to be something that the team at Ubisoft will be working on thoroughly within the game. Let's say you're a lower level player that's itching for a fight. You'll have to choose your opponents wisely and look for a player within your range of your level. Why? Well, the higher your level is the more advanced and powerful the weaponry you'll have access to becomes. Taking on players on a higher level than you may not be the wisest choice. However, with teamwork, anything is possible.

Players will have their own unique skills that will work with their play styles. While roaming within the Dark Zone, an open PVP area, players will receive Dark Zone experience from facing off against each other. You can go in solo, or you can join a group, and battle it out. You can also go rouge, and betray your allies. This will be different than the regular experience you'll gain in normal Zones. The experience you gain in Dark Zones will be based on the rank of your agent. If your rank is a high-rank you will have access to equipment that's not accessible by lower-rank players. In addition to this, more vendors will be opened up to the player that will have crafting recipes in their stock. However, there are some downfalls to entering the Dark Zone. If you become a rouge, and end up dying multiple times in the Dark Zone. Your rank will decrease, and the higher your rouge status the more Dark Zone Experience you will lose.


Skills will become an essential aspect within the game. They will determine the player's role in the game. Furthermore, each skill set will help the player's journey throughout the game. Don't linger with one specific skill set in the beginning. As you travel you will unlock different skill sets, and you will have a variety of skill sets to choose from. All the skills will be different and each one will have their own unique look. If you take a look here, the player will not only have freedom over the look of their skills, they'll have control over the functionality of their skills as well.
Perks and talents will be unique to the player's play style. If you're a solo player or if you like to work within a group. Whatever talent you have it will allow you enhance your play style as you progress within the game. By doing missions, you will unlock talents the same way you unlock skill. Each talent will help you overcome certain challenges. Once you unlock all of them you can swap and have access to a variety of choices. As you progress through the game and level up your agents, the perks will be unlocked automatically. As long as you're doing missions you will continue to see these perks being unlocked. Roaming around and killing other players will not earn you perks. Once unlocked, perks will not need to be triggered due to them always being active. With many uses such as increasing the number of items you can carry to additional crafting materials, it'll be interesting to see what other perks will be available once the game releases!

Tom Clancy’s The Division will release on March 8, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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