A pair of new color options for the Xbox One controller will soon be available, Microsoft announced today. The first of these is the previously announced Red controller, which features a two-tone design and red face buttons. It primarily features a matte finish, but a select few parts, including the triggers and bumpers, are glossy. In the US, it will be available exclusively from the Microsoft Store and GameStop for the standard $65 price. Microsoft says it's shipping to retailers worldwide today; GameStop lists a more precise release date of January 17.

Also coming this month is the Green/Orange controller, which has a Halo-esque look to it. It's also a two-tone design featuring different shades of green, with the orange being limited to the area behind the analog sticks. Again, it's priced at $65 and is exclusive to two retailers in the US: the Microsoft Store and Walmart. It releases on January 24, with a worldwide release coming on January 31.

Both of these are the newest iteration of the controller that debuted last summer alongside the Xbox One S. They feature a textured grip and Bluetooth support for use with devices other than your Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot