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Two New Killer Instinct Bundles Coming Soon

Killer Instinct was first released in 1994 on arcade and a sequel was released 2 years later, titled Killer Instinct 2, or Killer Instinct Gold. The series went dark after that, and many believed they would never see it again. In 2013, many were surprised to see a reboot of the series appear as a launch title for the Xbox One and in early 2016, the game was ported to Windows PC.

Killer Instinct
is known for having a ton of microtransactions; the game itself is free, but it will cost you if you want a full roster of characters. The gameplay is very similar to one of its main competitors, Mortal Kombat, and they both contain the same underlying concept with similar microtransaction systems. For those who don't like microtransactions, a Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition has become available for preorder on Amazon, which includes every microtransaction for the game, as well as some extra goodies.

The Definitive Edition includes all 20 stages and 26 characters from the previous three seasons of the game. It will also include 1994's Killer Instinct, 1996's Killer Instinct 2, the original soundtrack, and a bonus gold skin for Gargos. In addition to all of this, another game titled Killer Instinct: Supreme Edition will also be available, which includes everything above with a bonus 18,000 KI Gold and a VIP 2 XP booster. The definitive edition will be physical only, and the supreme edition will be digital only.

The last character to be introduced into Killer Instinct was Gears of War villain General Raam, and he will be included in the definitive edition. There will be one more character introduced in season three, whose name is not yet known; this mysterious fighter will take a seat in the definitive edition upon his release. The supreme edition and definitive edition are perfect for current players and newcomers alike, especially if you detest microtransactions and would rather jump right into the gauntlet as your favorite character.

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition will run you $40, and Killer Instinct: Supreme Edition will cost $60. The definitive edition will release on September 20, and the supreme edition will release March 29.

Are you a fan of the series? Will you be buying one or perhaps both of these bundles? Let us know in the comments!

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