Two JRPG Titles Getting Western Releases on Xbox One

All gamers have their own personal list of games that they grew up with, which includes their favorite games of all time. These lists would be...
  1. Feyfolken
    All gamers have their own personal list of games that they grew up with, which includes their favorite games of all time. These lists would be incomplete without classic JRPG series like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Earthbound. Now, Japanese publisher Experience Inc. has announced that the Xbox One will be receiving two JRPG releases: Stranger of Sword City and Students of the Round 2.

    JRPGs are known for their quirky and addictive gameplay. Their cast of characters that, at first glance, looked out of place eventually grow on the player and quickly become some of their favorite characters from any video game (looking at you, Final Fantasy). Fans of the genre are already enthusiastic about how this is a good start to getting more Japan-exclusive games released in North America, and Xbox One owners are certainly excited to get some JRPGs on the console.

    The first game, Stranger of Sword City, has currently been released in Japan only. It is a dungeon-crawling JRPG that was originally released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and PC. The Xbox One release will feature a redesigned art style, but players will have the option to choose between the two styles if they have a preference. Stranger of Sword City is said to be released sometime between January and March of 2016.

    The second game is going by the working title Students of the Round 2, and is still early in development. The developers claim to be taking the game in a direction akin to Fire Emblem and Shining Force, so it is safe to assume that this release will be more of a tactics-based RPG.

    How do you guys feel about JRPGs getting westernized releases? I am hopeful that it will lead to more Japan-exclusive games getting their own releases in English, as these games are almost always addictive and contain countless hours of fun.

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  1. Cloudie
    They both look great. I love JRPGs they're way better than western RPGs in my opinion. I'll be extremely be happy if they bring more JRPGs to the US.
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  2. 3xTiNcT
    That first game looks pretty cool. I'll have to look into it.
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  3. Tentative
    I for myself love good JRPGs, mainly for the good storytelling.
    I myself am looking forward to the release of Legend of Heroes (The Trails Series). I for myself would prefer more releases on PC, but I am surely happy if I will see some good ones on the XBOX as well.
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  4. Teen Gohan
    I'm just glad that Xbox is finally getting some JRPG exclusives. It seems that ps4 was usually the go to console for RPGs (other than Nintendo RPGs) and hopefully these will do well enough so that Xbox can get more RPGs like these in the future.
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  5. TheItalianLad
    I don't really like JRPG compared to RPG games. I prefer american made ones rather than the japanese ones.
    not interested.
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    1. Feyfolken
      Fair enough. I like to think that legendary titles like Final Fantasy and Pokemon carry the genre sometimes as most other JRPGs can't compare. What American RPGs are you a fan of?