Twitch Prime is Amazon’s latest Prime offering

Twitch Prime is the newest enhancement for Amazon’s popular Prime subscription, bringing an array of “free” features and services to users of the...
  1. Christopher Grant
    If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime

    Twitch Prime is the newest enhancement for Amazon’s popular Prime subscription, bringing an array of “free” features and services to users of the popular video streaming platform. If you have an existing Amazon Prime membership — going for $99 annually, or $10.99 monthly — then you have Twitch Prime, alongside Amazon’s many other Prime-powered incentives like two-day shipping, and video streaming.

    When Amazon purchased Twitch for nearly $1 billion in 2014, the possibility of having Twitch services rolled into Prime was an obvious application of the union. “Right after the acquisition there were Reddit posts and tweets asking when we would offer Twitch Prime,” Twitch’s Robin Fontaine writes.

    The service will include:

    • “Free game loot every month,” like a new Hearthstone hero or indie game
    • Get “discounts on new-release box games” at Amazon, from pre-order until two weeks after launch
    • Link your Amazon and Twitch accounts for “ad-free viewing experience”
    • Free stuff like “exclusive emotes and chat badge”
    • And “one free channel subscription every 30 days”

    Twitch Prime will replace the pre-existing “Turbo” product in the countries where Twitch Prime is available (US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) while Turbo will remain an option in other countries. Turbo, first unveiled in early 2013, provided much of what’s included in Twitch Prime — notably an ad-free experience — for $8.99 a month.

    Existing Turbo members can keep their subscription, but “considering everything included with Twitch Prime, we hope you’ll consider upgrading,” Fontaine notes in the Q&A section of the announcement. If you have both Turbo and Amazon Prime, “you may want to consider canceling Turbo” as Twitch Prime includes all of the benefits of Turbo.

    Existing Amazon Prime members will need to link their accounts at, and for non-members, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial.

    Source: Twitch

    Source: Polygon

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  1. SaraPwns
    Do I need the same email for my Amazon prime and twitch? Is there a way where I can define what twitch account I can have "primed" ?
  2. (-_-)
    Really nice feature. You'll end up saving ~$7 or so on new released games. Damn good value if you already order a **** ton of stuff off Amazon.
  3. Pyroman

    I don't see the point of all this money grab twitch is doing.

    Edit: Saw that if you have amazon prime, then you already have twitch prime, I guess I have twitch prime til 2020 then :smile:
    1. Adolfin
      Yeah, it's a great feature for anyone who already has a Prime membership.
      High School likes this.