Twisted Metal is a car combat game in which the goal is to destroy all of your opponents. As it currently stands, the franchise is the longest running PlayStation exclusive, ever! The title came out 18-years ago, with the first game named 'Twisted Metal' on the PlayStation 1 and PC. Twisted Metal allows you to play with 4 characters, 3 of those characters have a story and the other one unlocked after finishing the campaign. You can play as Sweet Tooth, Dollface, Mr. Grimm or the preacher. Players choose from a variety of vehicles with different stats; some vehicles such as 'Crimson Fury' are really fast but have next to no armor, and their special abilities are not very strong. However, other vehicles such as Juggernauts are heavily armored and possess powerful special abilities that are very slow. In total, there are 17 playable vehicles - one of them being a helicopter. This review will be in 3 parts: The story, the gameplay and the multiplayer.

The Story
The storyline of Twisted Metal is the games weakest point. Considering that the Main character of Twisted Metal is a psychopath clown with fire on it's head, and that the main objective of the game is to destroy and kill everyone, I don't think that a lot of people are playing this game for the storyline. In its simplest form, the story is split into 3 parts in which 3 characters (Dollface, Sweet Tooth and Mr. Grimm) participate in a contest made by Calypso, in which you must kill all the other opponent of the contest to win a wish. The story is told though cut scenes, very cheesy ones. Sweet Tooth wants to find and kill his only victim who ever escaped him, Dollface wants to get rid of her mask and Mr. Grimm want to return to the past to save his father. Overall the story is not very good but you don't play these types of games for the story so it doesn't really matter. The Campaign has a total of 3 good bosses, but nothing really that’s special. The only reason you'd want to play the story is to unlock all the content once it has been completed.

The Gameplay
The gameplay of Twisted Metal is it's best part as it's addictive and fun. Now, don't expect realistic car handling and physic in this game as all cars can do a 180 in 1 second. However, all cars are perfectly balanced and fun to drive in. The AI are average and I don't remember having any problems with cars getting stuck in a corner or anything like that. The power-ups are all fun to use and none of them are useless. Some power-ups get more powerful as you charge them while others are simply point and shoot. What's more, most of them will chase your target so it's not too hard to hit other cars. The controls can be weird at first but once you get used to them, the game is a lot of fun.

The Multiplayer
The Multiplayer is really where the fun is at! This game was made to play with your friends in split-screen or online. The game modes are very fun and addictive. When you first start to play online, you will see that you have to re-unlock everything in multiplayer. There are not a lot of people online nowadays but you can still find a game easily. This is definitely a great game to play with friends!

The Verdict
This game is a must own for whoever have a PlayStation 3 and friends.

+Amazing gameplay
+Good Multiplayer
-Cheesy story