We're only a week away from the launch of the PS4 here in the United States and Sony has announced on their blog today that we will find a 3 vouchers in our box!

The first voucher is for a 30 day trial of PS+, which allows you to not only find great deals on the PS Store, but grants you access to free games! The two games available for the PS4 this month are Resogun and Contrast. PS+ carries across all platforms as well, you can see what games are free this month for the PS3 here and for the PS Vita here.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Plus trial is available to new subscribers only.

The second voucher is for a 30 day trial of Sony's Music Unlimited, a music streaming service that allows you to listen to millions of songs ad free. Unfortunately, since the PS4 doesn't support MP3 playback or DLNA, this is the only way you will be able to listen to music. Hopefully by the end of this trial we will gain use of those features.

The last voucher (and my personal favorite) is a $10 credit towards the PS Store! You could put this money towards one of the many indie games coming out, upgrade a game to next-gen, or just save it for a later date. Spend it on whatever, it's up to you!

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