Treyarch Permanently Bans Users From Creating Offensive Emblems in Black Ops 3

It seems that Treyarch Studios has started cracking down on any individual person that is taking advantage of the custom emblem and paint feature...
  1. RaoulDuke
    Anyone that’s utilizing custom emblems and paint jobs in Black Ops 3 should certainly not take it for granted. It seems that Treyarch Studios has started cracking down on any individual person that is taking advantage of this feature to transmit some kind of offensive material or designs. Using this kind of emblem will not lead to a ban from the game altogether, but will now result in a permanent ban from being able to use the custom emblem and paint feature in the future.

    Treyarch has done this before in games such as Black Ops 1 and 2, banning players that have misused this customization ability. Unlike games such as Battlefield 4 where if someone’s emblem is not related to a popular character, then it is more often than not some form of trolling, or an offensive gesture or animation. Some examples of the offensive content Treyarch is banning players for are any symbol that relates to a terrorist organization, animations of obscene material, and any design that is linked to nazis. So for those of you who do not want to see the error message below and would like to continue using this feature, I would suggest to avoid editing-in any sort of content that may be considered offensive in some way.


    What do you think about this ban being implemented into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Have you or someone you know received the above error message? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    This isn't a surprised...
  2. Jigoku Shonen
    I approve 100%
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  3. NDL 01
    I got banned from making emblems on bo2 for life
    I had really sick ones but the only bad one was a
    nazi symbol which im not a nazi at all but idk why
    i had it
  4. X Zesty Xo
    To be honest this is a 18+ game so I don't see why they'd ban emblems. I understand if it's a joke about 9/11 or Paris but if it's say a emblem of a detailed woman's body or something that should be fine just without seeing their bottom parts.
    1. Durva
      The single player is given the "M" rating while online portion is not rated by the ESRB You agree to follow their terms of use/ code of conduct by playing their game online. This includes forbidding the use of offensive emblems/paint jobs.
    2. smelly02
      You can make any emblem except the perverted or bias emblems! Yet, people have to make them anyway since weird old men play these games and make these emblems.
    3. X Zesty Xo
      Smelly as long as i can make my anime emblems I'm fine with the banning and true lol
  5. Jytex
    I saw one with the French flag saying "They deserved it" :/
  6. Durk OTF
    They are probably tired of seeing Isis emblems. That's all I've seen the past week
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    1. Acro
      I'd totally understand that, if that were the case.....which it could be
    2. GrandTheftAutoV
      Im sure its the **** emblems bro
  7. Red58
    I wonder if you can have a swastika? It's technically not strictly a Nazi thing.
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  8. bak0n
    I hate seeing these rude emblems, just shows how inappropriate they are. saw a IS one once, it was some 11 year old thinking he was funny. reported him and he got pissed @ me because he was banned from using the emblem editor
  9. NerdLuv
    So Sensitive jeez. Rated M game before the audience on the game should be old enough to handle the content of one emblem get over it youll see perv emblem etc how does this hurt you at all might as well not sell shooting games anymore cause that gives off the wrong message to weaker minds....
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  10. Spy
    Its r18 anyways
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    2. Spy
      You got a point. No one ever reads them lol
    3. Durva
      You know you are bored when you take the time to read it XD
    4. Spy
      Ahaha true true