With Treyarch already making leaps and bounds to ensure Black Ops 2 is the ultimate gaming franchise, todays announcement of their partnership with Twitch.TV may come as no shock to some of you. The thrilling announcement made via Twitch.TV's blog marks another monumental moment for Black Ops 2 enthusiasts, who'll now be able to stream directly to their Twitch.TV channel straight from Black Ops 2 - an option previously privy to only Youtube.

The update for this feature will reportedly go live around 9am PT/12pm EST/5pm GMT today. Once available, you'll be able to livestream your public/league play matches straight away,after accepting some terms of service of course. Unlike the highly scrutinised Youtube streaming feature, this option will allow players to stream to any number of viewers without a minimum viewership. Presumably, however, this feature will require you to posses a commendable upload speed and will be fully dependant of your bandwidth! To entice you further, Black Ops 2 will also allow you to use Kinect (or a Xbox approved cam) to broadcast yourself in picture-in-picture mode - your fans won't miss a thing!