Trespasser Blends in with Digital Extremes Developers, Learns about New IP

A recent leak discloses the name and concept behind a new game Digital Extremes is developing. What makes the leak really interesting is the crazy...
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    Image from one of Digital Extremes' games, Warframe.
    Leaks have become a major part of the games industry. Most of the time they happen accidentally or because an employee can’t keep a secret. A recent leak that comes from Digital Extremes, the developers of Warframe, is a bit different though. Someone was able to sneak into their studio and uncover information about an upcoming game.

    A Redditor by the name of UndercoverLegend has been a fan of Digital Extremes for quite some time. He was aware that their office is located near him, but he didn’t know the exact address. Yesterday, he finally found out their location and decided to see if he could get in. Surprisingly, he was able to enter the building and blend in without anyone questioning him.

    During the designated lunch time, he was able to talk to people who were working on an unannounced project. He learned that Digital Extremes is developing a new game called Keystone. The only thing he was able to tell us is that it's a first person shooter with CCG elements. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information than that.

    Of course, some are lead to believe that this is just a PR stunt. However, a source confirmed these events with a writer at Kotaku. The Digital Extremes community manager also made a forum post asking fans to be "respectful and law-abiding" and reminded them that "Trespassing is never OK."

    If you want to read the crazy story UndercoverLegend told, below is the text from the now-deleted Reddit post.
    Source: Kotaku

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