Total War: Warhammer II has a free update coming to PC on December 14 that adds a DLC pack called Skaven Laboratory Mode. The new mode allows you to tweak the game's variable sliders, meaning you can make unit sizes huge, massively increase impact force, or even remove gravity.

We've had the opportunity to play a bit of the new update, and you can see what shenanigans we got up to in the video above. Let's just say there are a lot of catapults, and it's a lot of fun.

The laboratory update expands what was already a great strategy title. In our verdict of the base game, critic Daniel Starkey wrote: "With Warhammer II, Total War doesn't reinvent anything so much as it iterates on the ideas that made the first so special. At its heart there's still the marriage of Total War's big-scale strategy and Warhammer's precise tactical play. But, through a thousand tiny tweaks, they've refined the experience into one of the most intriguing and exciting strategy games ever."

Source: GameSpot