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Top 5 anticipated games for 2012


With spring on the thresholds of our grasps, one cannot dismiss the fact that the 2012 gaming year is only beginning. 2012 will inevitably bring forth a mass of spectacular games for popular consoles and PC, but few will actually make 2012 a renowned year for gamers. These handfuls of games are the games that will invoke a breath of fresh air in the hearts of gamers from the exasperating effect of many of the bland releases of 2011. This "Top 5," list is completely unbiased and is based off popularity from a number of other gaming sites. Should you relish in the fact that one of your favorite games is on this list or completely disagree with the list altogether is up to you, the reader. Without further adieu, let the listing commence!​

#5: Assassin's Creed III

Ubisoft's formula for success partly lays homage in its Assassins Creed series. With the first two games in the Assassin's Creed series creating Ubisoft a modern day legacy, whilst Revelations and Brotherhood have kept the franchise well alive, Ubisoft is mixing up their Assassin's Creed formula with their upcoming instalment, Assassin's Creed 3. It is irrevocable that Assassin's Creed fans are eagerly awaiting answers and new gameplay factors in the soon to come sequel to the main series.​

Assassin's Creed 3 takes placed in colonial America during the American Revolution. Stepping into the shoes of a man named Connor, a man of half English and half Native American ethnicity. After Connor's home was brutally attacked by white colonists, Connor retaliates against the very tyrannies that lead the attack against his people. Notable figures in history will make a cameo in the game. A few in this list include, but hopefully not limited to, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Lee; the premise for this game already looks incredible and breath taking. Hitching control of a lethal and armament aplenty assassin during the Revolutionary War, a war that ultimately gave true independence and birth to America, is quite spectacular to begin with. Additionally, with all the conspiracies that still exist about the war and certain historical figures, one can anticipate a storyline that will have you guessing on what will happen next whilst certain events in the game will perhaps be connoting deeper meanings in the mentalities and actions of real people that existed during the Revolutionary War.​

Nevertheless, transcending from the restrictive gameplay due to technological constraints that were present in the previous two Assassin Creed games, one can expect numerous twists in the combat system to be present. However it is undoubtedly the gameplay system that made Assassin's Creed famous and more than enjoyable will be the primary foundation of the gameplay. If you were not a fan of the series, now would be a great time to start!​

Fight for honor and your people in Assassin's Creed 3 on October 30th, 2012, a day before you're knee deep in candy!​

#4: Resident Evil 6

Hitting stores in a matter of months, Resident Evil 6 has made a massive impact in the gaming industry in a short amount of time. Capcom has promised to remedy the problems present in Resident Evil 5 while putting horror back in survival horror. As of now, with the information present and gameplay trailers available, Resident Evil 6 looks well on its way onto a successful sequel.​

President Adam Benford publically reveals the truth behind Raccoon City Destruction incident in 2013 with his close friend and Raccoon City survivor, Leon S. Kennedy. Hoping that the revelation will quell bioterrorist activity, the President places much of his hope into a speech he is due to deliver at a venue. Sadly things do not go according to plan and the venue is advertently attacked by bioterrorists. Adam Benford, once a recognizable President, has turned into something despicably hideous and dangerous. This leaves Leon to make a difficult decision and consequently folds open a new story and adventure of survival and horror for Leon.​

Resident Evil 6 will also feature Chris Redfield of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment arriving in the fictional city of Lanshiang, a city well under the threat of a bioterrorist attack. With a disturbing realisation that the world is far from being safe from these horrendous bioterrorism assaults, Chris Redfield will trek into Lanshiang and will likely endure an onslaught of disfigured victims of the possible bioterrorist attack on Lanshiang.​

Being Capcom's biggest production to date, Resident Evil 6 is looking delightfully pleasing for those who fell in love with the series' most popular Resident Evil instalments while looking attractive to those looking for a new game franchise to get into. To help exhibit the promises to far beyond exceed the expectations met and failed in Resident Evil 5, Capcom has promised a playable demo for any and all on both the PSN and XBL networks on September 5, 2012. To those that are looking into purchasing the game "Dragon's Dogma," you will be able to reap the opportunity to play the demo 60 days earlier than the masses on July 3, 2012.​

Resident Evil 6 will be putting horror back in horror survival (fingers crossed) on November 20th, 2012.​

#3: Halo 4

The trumpets sound in hopeful triumph by faithful Halo fans that Halo 4 will be the game that rejuvenates the series; restoring the fractured Halo community back to a glorious whole. 343 Industries, in lieu of Bungie, has put on their best hands to continue the legacy left behind with Halo 1 through Halo 3. With a cliffhanging teaser trailer floating around YouTube, many are curious as to the effect Halo 4 will have on the Halo franchise. Will 343 Industries stumble and fall with Halo 4 or will they bask in glory days that exceed those have not been seen since Halo 2? Time will tell.​

Minuscule titbits of information have been unveiled concerning the storyline that Halo 4 and the second trilogy of Halo games will have. However, with the information present, it is possible to piece together a premise for the game. After aimlessly traveling in space in the UNSC frigate, Forward Unto Dawn, Master Chief and Cortana arrive in ancient Forerunner space nearby a shield world, a world protected by a Dyson's sphere mega structure, and will embark on a quest to eradicate an ancient evil. 343 Industries has revealed that the second Halo trilogy will have a noticeable emphasis on mystery, discovery, and explorations rather than a straightforward and destructive FPS experience. There will be also be many connections found with previous games, certain Halo novels, and the terminals found in Halo 3 and Halo CE: Anniversary. Astoundingly, however, 343 Industries promises a dark, dismal, and nearly hopeless environment in Halo 5. This particular description of Halo 5 is exciting as such a story has yet to be found in the Halo series as a whole.​

Halo 4 will revolutionise the series in a way not seen before. Diehard Halo fans that are caught in a chokehold of disappointment from the previous two Halo instalments are placing many expectations on Halo 4 whilst many other fractured communities of Halo players share that same hope, too. Aside from restoring order in the Halo community, Halo 4 will have to expand their multiplayer to a point that is acceptable by the Halo community as a whole. 343 Industries is taking control of a franchise that redefined console gaming in the multiplayer and social sense and is a home stay for the Xbox. The monumental movement that Halo 2 brought to Microsoft's console is such a milestone that surpassing it will make 343 Industries the saviour of the Halo series.​

With the end of one fight and onto the resurrection of another, see a new world through the eyes of Master Chief during the 2012 holiday.​


#2: The Last of Us

NaughtyDog, the developers behind Uncharted, is promising the debut of a zombie game like no other: The Last of Us. Riding the waves of prosperity and reputable success, NaughtyDog is behind a game that reassures us that The Last of Us will be a zombie game that will stand out from the rest and indulge in certain gameplay factors that zombie survival games lack, certain gameplay factors that will bring NaughtyDog more respect and success. Our fingers naught be crossed, for NaughtyDog is bound to surprise the gaming world as they have been doing with most of their games.​

Beginning in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, two humans, Joel and Ellie, trek out from the city and go elsewhere in a burning ember of a hope to find refuge and other survivors. Joel is a merciless survivor, fumigating with hatred against the zombies surrounding him, which will do anything to live on another day. Being accompanied by Ellie, a young girl of 14 who has no memory of the world that once existed before apocalypse, whom is wiser than most girls of her age, Joel and Ellie fight through a mass of humans that have met a horrible death through fungus. Controlled by fungal colonies, and using an effective method of echolocation to locate prey, these former humans pursue Joel and Ellie like no other zombie has done before in other games.​

Led by a 80 man team creating the game, NaughtyDog drew certain concepts from popular shows such as "The Walking Dead," and movies such as "No Country for Old Men," to help tailor certain unique effects in the gameplay and storyline. A deadly type of fungus, which can infect insects, inspired the concept for the zombies. A brutal method of death, the cordyceps fungus spores in the brain of small insects and actually takes control of brain while growing elsewhere on the insect's body. With such ideas in a zombie survival game, it is expected that scavenging will be a pivotal mainstay in the game while strategic killing and hiding will be essential in keeping your heart beating whilst escaping zombie pursuit.​

Ascending from the sea of generic survival games, The Last of Us will be more than a drop of water in this sea. More than a temporary quench, The Last of Us may be the redeemer of zombie survival games and may ignite a new standard for zombie survival games as a whole. Even if not so, The Last of Us holds much promise. What the game truly holds in store is something gamers will have to divulge when the game is finally released.​

Scavenge every bullet and kill every two zombies with one stone in The Last of Us coming out exclusively for the PS3 in the 2012 holiday or early 2013.​

#1: Bioshock Infinite

Bioware is a blockbuster developer willing to take big risks in their games in a pursuit of renowned success and creative wonder which consequently leads to a legacy that cannot be touched by any other game developer. Bioshock Infinite is an upcoming instalment created by the hands of Bioware that will bring forth a massive change from the usual environment seen in the previous Bioshock games. Note, however, that this game is neither a sequel nor prequel to the Bioshock franchise.​

With a conspicuous grounding on American Exceptionalism in the early 20th century, a former Pinkerton, Booker DeWitt, is sent in 1912 to rescue a young woman, named Elizabeth, from the air city of Columbia. Drawing away from the confines of restrictions of the underwater city of Rapture, gameplay in Bioshock Infinite will much more free and expansive with many more challenges and twists in gameplay. Columbia, a tremendous marvel in engineering, is under a large conflict. Elizabeth, the young mistress to be rescued who has unique powers to control the time space continuum that ravages Columbia, is central to a rift in Columbia that is being ripped open by two warring factions. The Founders, a group that has a strong belief that Columbia should be preserved solely for pure American citizens, is at ends with Vox Pupuli, a conglomerate of smaller factions with a shared belief of abolishing the Founders and taking control of Columbia.​

Certain features of the Bioshock franchise re-debut in Bioshock Infinite. Such features, such as the mystical powers granted by vigors and nostrums, remain in Bioshock Infinite, but are complimented by many new powers and special powers that are wielded by Elizabeth whom eventually partners with Booker DeWitt during the main storyline. Old innovative features also make reappearance in Bioshock Infinite such as a gameplay mode named "1999 Mode." This mode is a gameplay changer for Bioshock as it adds a major realism factor by engaging the player deeper in the storyline as any decisions made in the game will have a permanent and noticeable effect. For example should you kill a certain character in the game which is key to getting further in the game, but do not know that character has such importance, then when you reach that point in the game in which that character must be alive, you would essentially have to restart the game entirely or reload an older save.​

Bioshock Infinite is already receiving much praise during its pre-launch phase. Having already earning itself "Best of the Show," during E3's 2011 showcase, many Bioshock fans are rejoicing in the fantastic experiences Bioshock Infinite will deliver. Even diehard Bioshock fans will have no qualms over the new features that are to come with the package since they further enrich gameplay and have no negative effect on the qualities that created a legacy for Bioshock; a legacy that many Bioshock gamers are proud to take part in and support.​

Load your Tommy gun and prepare to use more than bullets in the floating air city of Columbia on October 16th, 2012.​

Submitted by SharpGhost​
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