Whether your GTA Online wallet is looking a little thin these days or you just want to add to your heaps of digital riches, you'll probably want to hop into Grand Theft Auto V's online mode this week. That's because GTA$ is available in abundance between now and October 15, and you don't even have to do anything special to get much of it. Here's a breakdown of what freebies to expect.

Just for logging into GTA Online between now and October 15, you'll get GTA$300,000 delivered to your Maze Bank account next week, by October 22. You can log right back out if you want, and you'll still get the bonus cash. In addition to the money, you'll also instantly unlock a Green Wireframe Body Suit for free (it looks kind of creepy, but hey, it's October).

That's not all, though--here's another big one. If you've already completed the Stone Hatchet and Double-Action Revolver challenges, you'll get an additional GTA$250,000 simply for logging in. But if you haven't completed those challenges yet and you beat them this week, you'll receive GTA$250,000 for each one. Better yet, you'll get another bonus of GTA$250,000 for each of those challenges next week, for a grand total of GTA$1 million.



Also between now and October 15, all four remixed Adversary Modes are rewarding double GTA$ and RP. That means you'll get a nice boost for playing Hunting Pack (Remix), Trading Places (Remix), Running Back (Remix), and Sumo (Remix). In addition, if you own a Nightclub, you'll get double Nightclub income all week long.

Finally, pre-ordering any digital edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 from the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store gets you GTA$1,000,000 in GTA Online; all you have to do is log into GTA Online by October 15 to get it. And if you've already pre-ordered the game from either online store, just log in before October 15, and you'll get the same bonus. That cash will be deposited into your Maze Bank account between October 16-22.

Source: GameSpot