Tom Clancy's The Division: Removed Features, DLC, and Beta File Size Revealed

New details were revealed about Ubisoft's upcoming open-world shooter Tom Clancy's The Division today. Gamers received news about another feature...
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    New details were revealed about Ubisoft's upcoming open-world shooter Tom Clancy's The Division today. Gamers received news about another feature being removed from the game's initial launch after learning that Ubisoft will not be including their demographic-based matchmaking system in the final game. Also revealed today was new information on 2 of the game's DLC packs, and some leaked information regarding the upcoming beta.

    One of the first losses the game has suffered in the new year is a feature that many players were waiting on with anticipation for the game’s release day. Ubisoft has officially confirmed that the in-game marketplace that would have allowed players to sell items to each other will no longer be available at launch. This gives the social aspect of the game a slight hit, and Julian Gerighty, the Associate Creative Director of The Division spoke briefly about the missing feature, and simply stated "It’s the reality of production. Some features make it, some features don’t." Apparently player trading was not a prioritized day-one feature over at Ubisoft, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Ubisoft is considering the fact that it’s something a lot of players would like to see in the near future. Chances are high that the marketplace will be added in a future update post-release, but for now we have to play the waiting game to see where Ubisoft takes this.

    Also revealed today were the details regarding two DLC packs for The Division. The first pack is titled “The Hazmat Pack,” and players who purchase it will immediately gain access to the P416 Assault Rifle along with a custom skin. Players will also gain access to a Go-Bag that will increase their character's resistance to exotic damage. The second pack is titled “The National Guard Pack,” and will also see the player receiving a P416 Assault Rifle with a custom skin in their inventory. The Go-Bag in this pack will contain an upgrade that will allow players to increase their overall armor. Both packs are set to take up roughly 10MB of space each. If you don’t wish to purchase them separately, you can get them with The Division Season Pass, or by buying the Gold Edition.

    Now for those of you excited about the upcoming beta next week, you’ll be pleased to know that the file size for the beta has been leaked. A Reddit user who gained early access to the beta has shown that the file size is just a little bit over 26GB. So those of you running a little low on hard drive space should probably prepare for this and do a little bit of cleaning beforehand.

    Tom Clancy’s The Division is coming out for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8th. The beta is arriving next week on January 29th. If you haven’t gained access already, you can receive guaranteed access by pre-ordering the game.

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  1. Dayote
    shortlived beta on the ps4 since nobody else can join it now.
  2. Dillon Francis
    Everybody who pre ordered should have gotten they Beta Codes last night through email.
  3. M0B5TA
    I preordered mine on xbox marketplace and I didn't get a beta code yet. did anyone else get it or am I alone here?
  4. televisedfool
    Got my beta code today and now just waiting on an access key from Ubi :biggrin:

    I think I read somewhere that keys were going to be sent out 48h before the beta even starts so you can pre load it.

    I hope that's the case.. Because with the siege beta I didn't get a code until the second day of Beta. :confused:
  5. Mister Whiskers
    Im disappointed but honestly not that surprised
  6. xfalcon
    I'm honestly not surprised that we're losing another feature that was supposed to be available at launch, but I guess knowing Ubisoft we should've expected it.
  7. 3xTiNcT
    Not worried about the size of the beta since I have 5 TB's.
  8. Weeb
    What's the point in even trying to get good gear when the game is now pay to win, the first dlc packs are just 2 guns..... Ubisoft are ruining their game from release.
  9. Arxhive
    So this game has been pushed back constantly, has four different dev teams, and they're still stripping features and restricting us to midtown Manhattan at launch when they showed the perspective from Brooklyn in the first gameplay trailer? Definitely not a money-grab. This is just turning out to be more and more like Destiny. Definitely going to have to wait a while after release to see what people feel on this one.
  10. Vino
    A little sad to hear that they're stripping out another feature for launch. Seems to me like the game shouldn't have been promised for a March launch.