Tom Clancy's The Division Conflict Update

A brand new update will be coming very soon for Ubisoft's open-world RPG, The Division. On May 24th, gamers will be able to enjoy the brand new...
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    A brand new update will be coming very soon for Ubisoft's open-world RPG, The Division. On May 24th, gamers will be able to enjoy the brand new Conflict update for free. The upcoming update will be packed with tons of new content, including a new Incursion, new gameplay changes, weapons, and updates to the Dark Zone.

    Titled Clear Sky, the new Incursion that will be coming in the update will take place in a post-pandemic Columbus Circle, and will see the Division Agents face off against the brutal Rikers faction. The end goal of the Incursion is to regain control of an LMB anti-air missile site. Successfully completing the Incursion will ensure aerial vehicles have a safe journey over Manhattan, whilst claiming all of the supply drops that the Rikers have stolen from needy citizens. Along with this, players will now be able to hunt down high-value targets after speaking to an HVT officer who will spawn in their base of operations. You’ll only have one shot at taking down each target, and you’ll be given a list of targets, along with their level, description, and what weapons and gear you may need in order to achieve a successful takedown.

    Ubisoft is also aiming to bring more intensity to the Dark Zone by allowing players to now steal another team’s loot mid-extraction by cutting their rope. In addition to this, named enemies you may find wandering around the Dark Zone will now drop Sealed Caches which will contain random mystery items. Players will also gain access to 4 brand new Gear Sets and Weapons in the upcoming update. The new Gear Sets are titled Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, Final Measure, and Predator’s Mark. The 4 high-end weapons players will get a chance to earn are the Hungry Hog M60 LMG, Centurion M1911 pistol, MEDVED Saiga 12 shotgun, and the Historian M1A MMR.

    The Division is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more information on Conflict, check out our Q&A with game director Petter Mannerfelt, and be sure to tune into The Division Twitch channel on Thursday, May 19 at 10AM PDT to see more of Conflict in action.


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  1. Keeley Hazell
    Yeah I uninstalled this game after the first week.. I got to lvl 30 with all High End gear then just got bored as f*** lol. The Dark Zone was fun for like the first week but this game just feels like Destiny 2.0. You grind your *** off then have nothing to do.
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    2. Keeley Hazell
      Nah IMO mmorpg don't exist on Consoles lol. Destiny is far from that you want a real MMORPG play WoW
    3. Jet1337
      Destiny isn't an MMO. Bungie even said it themselves.
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    4. Keeley Hazell
      Yeah otherwise there wouldn't be Destiny 2 lol.
  2. Jet1337
    Still not the update to redeem itself. I got sickly bored after I beat every mission, found every intel, and got to 30 in the DZ. If ubisoft doesn't do something drastically good like include zombies, vehicles, include a first-person pov, or something, I'll never play this game again.
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  3. 3xTiNcT
    Hey a free update, maybe I'll start playing it again but I doubt it'll get me back into the game.
  4. RagingEnferno
    I feel bad for the console peasant that didn't get to enjoy this game in full glory because they didn't have a pc. Really missing out.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      I don't think having a PC would make this game any better.. I think its pretty **** no matter what platform you're on LOL.