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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Beta Information


The highly anticipated and long awaited Ghost Recon addition to the Tom Clancy's gaming enterprise will be holding an exclusive multiplayer demo almost a month before the game's release date. Those who have wisely decided to with hold their copies of Splinter Cell: Conviction will be able to enjoy the perks of playing the demo which begins on April 12th and can be accessed via the Splinter Cell: Conviction main menu selection screen.

To those who may have unfortunately misplaced or willingly parted with their Splinter Cell game, reserve your qualms for another day. Ubisoft will be holding demo pass contests on their Facebook page. Expect a decent and fair amount of codes to be given away prior to and during the demo's activity span. You will be able to gain direct access to Ubisoft's Facebook page through the following link: http://se7ens.in/GZML7R

The beta's primary purpose, like many other multiplayer betas before it, is to give players a sliver of the taste and experience that the full multiplayer of Ghost Recon will undoubtedly give them. As with most Tom Clancy games, one should irrevocably expect a shooter experience to be brought forth to your Xbox 360 unlike any other shooter experience to be offered by any other title being released this year. Some information relevant to the beta has been made avaliable recently. Among being able to enjoy the beta amongst friends, expect the following features to be present:

Three classes will be avaliable for selection. The Rifleman, Engineer, and Scout classes are rather diverse and will have alotted, unlockable gear respective to those classes.
Two maps will be present during the beta.
Experience levels will be attainable during the beta. They will most likely be temporary as with most betas. Nevertheless, players will still be able to reap the rewards of the beta's innovative customization and soldier development systems that will be included, along with additional options, in the full game.
The reowned "supression system," will be present during the beta which will allow for tactful teammates to effectively cease enemy momentum whilst other team members take out those targets with flanking maneuvers.

With as long as this game as been in development, one can expect a plethora of creative new implementations in the games combat, development, and multiplayer systems. Surprisingly this may actually be a hallmark in the 2012 gaming year due to the amount of work put into the game and the constant promise of superior quality this game seems to continually remind the gaming industry of. If you are looking for a new game to spice up your gaming library with, take a glance at Ghost Recon. You may truly find yourself not regretting picking it up.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier drops in retailers on May 25th, 2012.
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