The next big content update for Titanfall 2, Monarch Reign, has arrived on all platforms. Alongside it, we've gotten a new trailer providing a better look at its main addition, the Monarch Titan.

What primarily distinguishes Monarch from other Titans is the ability to select from various upgrades over the course of its life. It looks as if there are three different tiers of Core upgrades, and we also get a better look at the new execution we got a glimpse of last week. Called Energy Thief, this allows the Pilot to steal an enemy Titan's battery and bring it back to his or her own as it's being executed.

Another big free component of this update is the map Relic, which returns from the original Titanfall. Crashsite receives some fixes and has new zipline and wallrunning spots added, while there's also a new Pilot execution, Now You See Me (seen in last week's trailer).

On the paid side, players can pick up new Prime Titan designs for Ronin and Tone, and there will also be new nose art, callsigns, and camos for purchase.

As part of today's update, Titan Brawl is now the feature mode for a limited time, and all modes are paying out double XP. Developer Respawn has said that it's also at work on a "major" balance update, though it hasn't shared any specifics on what to expect from that.

Source: GameSpot