Titanfall 2's Colony Reborn update is almost here. The free update launches on March 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and now, Respawn has posted the full patch notes. As announced previously, this update adds a new map in the form of Colony from the first Titanfall. Also included is a new weapon, the R-101, and the Curb Check execution.

All of that content is free, but this update also adds new paid items. You can now buy two new Prime Titans, while 20 each of new camos, banners, and patches are now available to purchase.

Outside of the new content, the Colony Reborn update introduces a number of balance changes and fixes bugs. One of the issues that the patch fixes a problem where Titans could "[warp] to the floor when disembarking in mid-air."

The full patch notes follow below, as written by Respawn. You can watch the video above to see some of Colony Reborn's content in action.

To mark the launch of Colony Reborn, Respawn is running a free weekend for Titanfall 2 from March 30 through April 3. This will include access to the full suite of multiplayer modes, as well as the Gauntlet training mission and the first single-player campaign level. Those two missions will remain free to play forever, too. Plus, you'll be able to grab double XP the whole weekend.

Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn Update:


  • Colony
  • R-101
  • Curb Check

  • Northstar
  • Legion
  • 20 camos
  • 20 Banners
  • 20 patches
  • 5 new designs
  • 1 new Warpaint per Titan

  • Roll the Dice - increased earn meter needed to use
  • Smart Pistol - Fixed bug with locking onto the base of Amped Wall and Hard Cover

Thunderbolt Adjustments
  • Damage per hit increased
  • Damage pulses at a faster rate
  • Substantially reduced the AoE size to Titans
  • Reduced the missile speed

Charge Rifle
  • Charge Hack mod is now a Quick Shot mod instead of Instant Shot.
  • Fixed Speedloader mod not working properly


  • Holo Pilot now has the name and a health bar of the owner pilot
  • Holo Pilot pulses randomly on the minimap
  • Holo Pilot will give a subtle audio cue now to the owner when it’s destroyed
Amped Wall
  • Amped Wall can now be destroyed
  • Reduced the amount of core meter generated by dealing damage to Titans
  • Removed the icon on top of a battery that would appear after a Pilot stole a battery via Rodeo
  • Increased the base duration of Thermal Shield
  • Reduced the increased duration of Inferno Shield kit so it’s total duration stays the same
  • Fuel for the Fire Kit now reduces the cooldown of Fire Wall instead of increasing its duration
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Wall and Flame Core were still being extinguished by Electric Smoke

  • Enemy npcs appear on the minimap in Attrition - for Titanfall 1 veterans, all pilots have Minion Detector.
  • Balanced the locations of batteries that were heavily favoring one team and adjusted other battery positions relative to those being balanced.
  • Restricted Live Fire and LTS max draw rounds to 3
Live Fire
  • Adjusted Live Fire scoring priority so Kills now count higher than Flag Captures
  • You will now instantly steal the flag when executing an enemy flag carrier in Live Fire
  • Live Fire mode will now wait until all players have connected before starting the first round

  • Featured Mode Colony 24/7 Mix of Modes
  • Added Random Pilot Execution option. This will choose a random execution out of the ones you have unlocked.
  • Advocate Gifts will now default to rewarding random cosmetic items instead of credits. This should help players who primarily play one type of loadout get more cosmetic rewards
Coliseum Improvements
  • Added new introduction ceremony
  • Added 9 new victory animations
  • Player now automatically wins Coliseum match if opponent disconnects


Gameplay Fixes
  • Fixed bug in Angel City where embarking into your Titan in certain spots would lead to player death
  • Various fixes to improve overall movement
  • Various improvements to Pilot melee
  • Amped Wall fixes
  • Silence Pistols are now properly amped
  • Arc Grenades can now be thrown through the passable side of the Amped Wall.
  • Fixed issue with Inner Pieces so executed Pilot is facing the same way as the execution
  • Fixed some issues with weapon drops during executions
  • Fixed the sidearm dropping from the stim execution
  • Fixed 180 degree bug with executions.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t move after Northstar’s execution
  • Fixed Titans warping to the floor when disembarking in mid-air
  • Fixed bug in Coliseum where holding down ordnance button between rounds would cause player to spawn on same side as their enemy
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rodeoing pilots to not be hit by Electric Smoke.
  • Various Faction Leader announcement fixes when executing rodeo
  • Various improvements to Titan nose art issues
  • Adjusted disembark to better handle disembarking onto a raised platform
HUD/Menu Fixes
  • Added player level to callsign cards during killcam
  • HUD options menu now displays proper value for 2d/3d damage indicator settings
  • Player gen of 2.09 no longer incorrectly displays as 2.9
  • Fixed bug in Live Fire so flag icon now displays properly during killcam and spectator mode
  • Fixed custom loadout names sometimes showing wrong text
  • Fixed bug where you would still get an option to buy after purchasing Angel City's Most Wanted Bundle
  • Various stability improvements

Source: GameSpot