Titanfall 2 is among the games that will support Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. However, don't expect it to run in native 4K. Producer Drew McCoy told Stevivor that it takes "so much processing power" to render at native 4K, so much that he said he would be surprised if any AAA games hit native 4K on PS4 Pro.

"It's not native 4K," McCoy said about Titanfall 2's resolution on PS4 Pro. "And I would be surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games any time soon. It just takes so much processing power. It's unbelievable amounts of just GPU grunt to do that [native 4K]."


In September, PlayStation president Andrew House acknowledged that the "majority" of games for PS4 Pro will be upscaled to 4K instead of running natively at that resolution. For its part, Microsoft has said all of the Microsoft-developed Project Scorpio games will run at native 4K.

McCoy added that the PS4 Pro's extra power will allow it to more steadily hold its target 60 FPS frame rate while simultaneously achieving a higher resolution. All console versions of Titanfall 2 make use of scalable resolution to make the game look as good as it can.

"It's a PS4 that's faster," McCoy said about PS4 Pro. "We're able to increase the resolution, we have high-res shadows, and maybe higher particle counts. The frame rate is more stable; we have dynamic resolution scaling on all consoles, but it scales down less often on PS4 Pro to maintain 60 frames-per-second."

"Because we also made the PC version, we have some nobs we can tweak, so we just spent some time making sure it still runs well and looks good on PS4 Pro.," he added. "You know, making sure it doesn't look any worse at all. That's the requirement: it can't run any worse or look worse than on PS4. So it runs better, looks better and has no bugs on PS4 Pro."

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In other news about Titanfall 2 and the PS4 Pro, McCoy also recently confirmed that the patch that includes support for the new console will be featured on the disc. Titanfall 2 comes out on October 28, but the PS4 Pro doesn't launch until November 10.

Titanfall 2 is not the only game getting a PS4 Pro patch, as other EA games like Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Mass Effect: Andromeda also are. You can see all the games that are getting PS4 Pro patches here.

Sony's PS4 Pro is priced at $400. It comes with a 1 TB hard drive, which you can replace. For lots more on the PS4 Pro, check out GameSpot's recent feature that covers everything you need to know.

Project Scorpio, or whatever Microsoft ends up calling it, will launch in holiday 2017. Pricing has not been announced, but Microsoft has referred to the system as a "premium" device, so you can expect it will not be cheap. The system boasts 6 teraflops of performance, making it the "most powerful console ever made," according to Microsoft. The performance gap between Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro will be "obvious," Microsoft has said.

Source: GameSpot