Another week of deals and discounts have arrived on the PlayStation Store in the US. There is no game- or publisher-specific sale this week--and thus, far fewer things are on sale--but there are still some worthwhile deals to be had across PlayStation platforms.

Two of the year's best PS4 games are both on sale right now. Most notably, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which was only released in August, has dropped from $40 to $30 for everyone. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus members can get Nier: Automata for $39 ($42 without Plus).

Other PS4 deals of note include Murdered: Soul Suspect for $5 and RBI Baseball 17 for $8. Warhammer fans will find Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch for $28, Space Hulk: Ascension for $24.49, and Space Hulk for $21.

PS3 and Vita owners have almost no options at all. Space Hulk's Vita version is $16, AeternoBlade is $3.74, and Blue-Collar Astronaut is $4 (with Plus, or $7 without it). Beyond that, there is some discounted Pinball Arcade DLC and little else.

Sony's Day 1 Digital offer is still ongoing. Purchasing two select games (from a list of some very good ones) on PSN nets you a coupon for 20% off a future purchase. Additionally, if you're a subscriber, October's free PS Plus games are now available.

Source: GameSpot