The big PSN Black Friday sale may now be over, but there are still a few discounted titles available in the US PlayStation Store. This week is fairly light on deals; there are no publisher-specific sales going on now, but players can still find some PS4, PS3, and Vita games at a discount.

As usual, PS4 owners have the widest selection of discounts to choose from. The latest installment in Sony's racing series, Gran Turismo Sport, is on sale; the standard edition of the game runs for $39.59, while the Digital Deluxe edition is available for $60. The Elder Scrolls Online is also on sale; the Gold Edition costs $30, while the Morrowind expansion is $30. Other PS4 game discounts include:
  • Arizona Sunshine (PSVR) -- $28
  • Black Mirror -- $32
  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - Duke Nukem Bunlde -- $40.49
  • Caladrius Blaze -- $8.09
  • Nex Machina -- $9
  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir -- $24
  • River City Melee: Battle Royal Special -- $8
On PS3, players can pick up Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for $20, while a number of classic games are on sale for $2.49 each, including Gunstar Heroes, ToeJam & Earl and ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron, Streets of Rage II, and Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Vita owners can also pick up Odin Sphere Leifthrasir at a discount ($16), as well as Shantae: Half-Genie Hero ($13.39), EscapeVektor ($3.49), and Tower Defense Collection 7 in 1 ($7.49).

You can find the full list of games on sale this week on the PlayStation Store. Many of the discounts are only available through the end of the week, so you only have a limited time to take advantage of these deals.

Source: GameSpot