Rockstar has revealed this week's batch of updates and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online. These include a new vehicle option, a slew of discounts on bunkers and more, and a new Knuckleduster Pocket Tee that all players can receive for free just by signing in this week.

This week's update sees the addition of the Insurgent Pick-up Custom, a new weaponized upgrade for the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up. This particular variation adds a .50 caliber mounted Minigun and Proximity Mines to the vehicle for even more firepower. Players can get the upgrade from their Mobile Operations Center’s Weapon & Vehicle Workshop.

Additionally, Rockstar has extended the amount of time players have to earn double GTA$ and RP from the game's new Adversary mode, Power Mad, which was introduced in last week's update. Power Mad bonuses are now available until August 7. Players can also score double GTA$ and RP this week by playing the fan-favorite Deadline mode or by launching any Mobile Operation Mission.

This week's set of discounts revolves primarily around bunkers. Players can get 30% off the Farmhouse Bunker, 25% off the Smoke Tree Road Bunker, and 10% off the Grapeseed Bunker. All bunker renovations and upgrades are also 25% off this week. In other sales, players can save 25% on both the Grotti X80 Proto and Ocelot Lynx, as well as 25% on all garage properties until August 7.

Lastly, this week's Premium Race is Target (which is restricted to the Ruiner 2000), while the new Trial Race is Up N Atom. As usual, all players will earn triple RP for participating in the Premium Race, but only the top three will earn a tidy sum of GTA$. Anyone who beats the target time in the Time Trial will score significant GTA$ and RP rewards. Both events run until August 7.

Source: GameSpot