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There Will Probably Be No VR Support for Xbox One

Within the past year, it appears that many companies have jumped on the Virtual Reality bandwagon. With the highly anticipated releases of the...
  1. Casp
    Within the past year, it appears that many companies have jumped on the Virtual Reality bandwagon. With the highly anticipated releases of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR quickly approaching, Microsoft has stayed relatively quiet regarding their stance on Virtual Reality. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has recently stated that while he is very excited about the releases of these products, Microsoft will not be participating in the VR race.

    Microsoft appears to be focused on integrating Windows 10 into Xbox One and adding more to the OS, rather than adding to the Xbox One system. "We’re not really focused right now on adding a VR device to Xbox One, we’re really more focused on the open ecosystem of Windows," says Spencer, who is directing his attention towards Universal Windows Platform applications instead. Although Spencer wants to give his consumers a better experience on the Xbox One, he doesn't believe implementing VR is the means to achieve this end. "Would we ever do our own VR device? We could, if we thought we had something unique to add, [but] I don't think the unique add is to plug into the Xbox One console. That's not the magic unlock to me."

    Spencer's surprisingly restrained and humble comment is probably a result of the fact that Microsoft doesn't have a need to develop a VR headset of their own. Rift purchases will come with Xbox One controllers, and the platform will have full functionality with the Oculus VR headset. Since Microsoft has a pretty sweet deal here, there obviously isn't a necessity to develop a superfluous VR headset for the Xbox One. This is a particularly smart move on the electronics giant's part, considering how their ambitious goals with the Kinect immensely flopped.

    Even though Microsoft has made its stance on developing VR, their highly anticipated HoloLens is still supposedly getting a release, though a date has not been given. Microsoft claims that HoloLens is a whole new type of VR, and has dubbed it "Augmented Reality," where interactive virtual elements are projected in hologram form in front of the user. Although it appears to be a bit gimmicky, Microsoft seems to be a little more on top of their business decisions than they were when the Kinect rolled into stores.

    Although Phil Spencer and the rest of Microsoft are, on the surface, making a risky decision, there really isn't a more intelligent choice they could have made. With the VR market quickly becoming popular and overblown, there is really no saying how well the new releases will do. If the market ends up tanking and all of the releases are critically panned, Microsoft will come out on top of all of these companies, and their more appealing AR will become a heavily alluring replacement. If the market flourishes, Microsoft will be raking in the cash from increased Xbox One sales. There really is no true way Microsoft can lose with this decision, and this is exactly how the electronics giant has planned this to turn out. "We definitely want to be the middleman," says Spencer.
    Well played, Microsoft.


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  1. Stoner
    I don't mind about the VR not coming to xbox because I probably won't get it but even if I wanted it I have a ps4 :tongue: but sucks for those who want it
  2. Colytonwarrior
    I have the feeling it's just gonna be lots of hype before product launch, which later turns out to be a big flacid penis, like most of m.s ideas...
  3. AlienFreek01
    Why do something when someone has done it better than you would. That's what there thought is imo. It's a smart move, I doubt either Sony or htc will make like the rift does. It would've been stupid for them to make VT of their own. It's smart for them to work on the HoloLens, becuase If it is as good as they said, it will crush VR...
    1. Chazay
      The HTC Vive is going to destroy the Rift.
    2. AlienFreek01
      Guess we'll just have to wait and see :/
  4. Jet1337
    The Xbone doesn't have the hardware to do VR. No surprise here.
      Razor sean likes this.
    1. Salus
      Xbox one has rift support lol
    2. Jet1337
      No it doesn't. There's only one "xbox" game that has support for it and that's Minecraft. You have to stream that game to your pc to play it in VR. The only VR-related thing the xbox has is the hololens and that's augmented reality, not VR.
  5. TheItalianLad
    I think this is a smart idea. Although VR has caught a lot of peoples attention it is only very new to us and isn't really at a selling point for 95% of people. VR could get bigger when technology advances and we can make it better, maybe 5-10 years from now but I just feel that VR isn't going to be the future of gaming from what i've seen so far and MS must have the same opinion. It's good that they are focusing on the windows 10 integration with xbox because its been successful so far and will continue to so if they keep it up.

    Not only do they have plenty of time to come up with something completely new that we've never seen before like what they did with the Kinect 5 or so years ago, but they can get into the VR market with a much more advanced device with will dominate or the current ones.
    1. Chazay
      VR is going to be the selling factor come 2018.
  6. Frost
    As crazy as this sounds, I applaud Microsoft for not doing what everyone else is doing. Pretty much playing follow the leader, which all major companies do when they're going head to head instead of coming up with their own ideas.
  7. televisedfool
    Bad move MS, bad move.

    VR is going to be big and is going to sell.

    Not supporting VR on your console is just giving consumers another reason to go to PS.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. televisedfool
      It's a little early to be calling rift the best.

      It's already slapped with a $600 price tag and no word of how it will work with X1 or what games will be supported.

      PSVR has little to no info and yet still has the industry eagerly awaiting more news and the upcoming sony conference featuring PS VR.

      Sony slaps a $400 or less on their VR and it's going to fly off shelves.
    3. Chazay
      Vive is going to destroy the Rift.
    4. Keeley Hazell
      Call me weird but I don't like the idea of VR to begin with..
  8. 3xTiNcT
    Doesn't bug me, I didn't plan on getting any of them anyways. This will probably be a good move though.
      Stoner likes this.