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"The Z" Completely Reimagines PC Gaming

Mouse developer Swiftpoint has come out with one of the most creative and advanced gaming mouses. Their Kickstarter has now reached more than...
  1. Lulu

    It's easy to forget about PC gaming accessories like a mouse and a keyboard when news about NVIDIA's and AMD's new lines of video cards are hitting the markets - and why should anyone pay attention to the newest keyboards and mouses? The mouse and keyboard have been around since the first computers were conceived and they haven't come all that far, not when they're compared to how far processors have come. Well, Grant Odgers from mouse developer Swiftpoint seeks to change that once and for all with their newest project, dubbed "The Z."

    The Z is named so because of what it does compared to every other mouse. The mouse we've all come to be accustomed to operates on an X and Y plane - left and right, and up and down. The Z, geared towards PC gamers specifically, will allow movement on a third plane depending on its orientation.

    In a first-person shooter, movements can be input depending on where The Z is pivoting towards. In a game that uses flight mechanics, The Z goes above and beyond and actually utilizes the aircraft principal axes: pitch, roll, and yaw. Essentially, a plane or spacecraft in a game would mock the movements of The Z, converting it from a gaming mouse into an immersive flight simulation experience.


    The Z is also claiming to have 50 action buttons which is a crazy amount of preset and macro options on any accessory, let alone a mouse. The buttons will take The Z's position into account for these action buttons, so don't worry about holding a mouse covered in buttons.

    Swiftpoint has more than doubled their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter and they've still got 29 days left. A $149 pledge will guarantee The Z for those who help fund the project in time for the holiday season.


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  1. SentryOG
    Throw a num pad on it and I'm game.
    1. JosephLa2
  2. NerdysMods
    Lol too bad I suck at flying...won't be getting..sounds cool though
  3. HowAmI
    I saw this on Awesome Hardware I find it pretty useless sure you may need a ton of macros but having a mouse and keyboard that can have macros is more than enough or go Taran from LTT and build a separate keyboard featuring only macros 60-110+ keys of pure macros. One thing I don't understand is why the mouse buttons are lowered down.
    1. Lulu
      The mouse buttons have 4 different settings based on how hard you click. Would definitely take some getting used to, but it does add a lot of extra keys to use. As an MMO player, this mouse is a dream. I don't know why you think the macros are all this mouse offers, though... I mean, it doubles as a flight simulating joystick lol.
    2. HowAmI
      Oh I know but IMO I don't have much to say about the Flight Sim joystick except you could make yourself look retarded. I'll have to look into the button thing to understand it.
  4. Z61
    Good god this thing is nasty looking
  5. goss34
    DeathAdder Chroma FTW!!!!!!1
  6. Aydind
    What a dank mouse