Developer CD Projekt Red has yet to announce the release of New Game Plus on its social networks, blog, or the official website, but the DLC is available for download on the Xbox Marketplace right now. If it is just a mistake on Microsoft's end, or a planned release is difficult to say, but we should expect the last piece of free DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to arrive on PC and PS4 within a few days. Since the developers just released the promised ModKit, one would assume a bit more of a wait before another addition to the game would be out. Apparently that is not the case.

New Game Plus will let players start the story line from the start, with most of their inventory and level progress intact. Players will be bumped to level 30 if they are on a lower level when embarking on the journey again. However, players on higher levels will stay the same. All items will carry over, apart from quest items, books, letters, usable items, and trophies. The biggest let down would probably be that your Gwent cards will be left out too. When players start New Game Plus, they will receive a free Clearing Potion used to reallocate skill points and the option to reset the difficulty level.

The before mentioned Modkit has left fans disappointed, as it is far less powerful than what was expected. In the Witcher 2 users could use RedKit, a tool provided by the developers to heavily modify the game's looks and content, whereas this game only gets a tool mainly meant to allow for cosmetic changes. ModKit doesn't provide the features that made the modding community love CD Project Red for their generosity in the past.

Taking to Twitter to express themselves, modders are not happy about what they call "another broken promise", as Marcin Iwinski, the CD Projekt CEO apparently promised a similar mod tool to RedKit in an interview while the game was still in the making.



Community manager Marcin Momot answered with a simple statement: "This is the mod support for the Wild Hunt. At this moment we are not planning to release anything else." It looks like modders will have to make their own tools from now on.