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The Se7enSins Limited Edition GamerCrate

GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. This time around I’ll be taking a look at the exclusive Se7enSins crate that is available for a limited time.

Like most crates, the Se7enSins crate includes two packets of G-fuel and a t-shirt that matches the theme of the crate. The Se7enSins t-shirt is a black gildan heavy cotton shirt with the green Se7enSins devil on the front of it. To go with the shirt, the crate includes a Se7enSins lanyard with site’s name and logo on it.

In addition to the apparel, the crate includes a lot of merch with Se7enSins branding. As a tribute to the site’s token feature, there is a double-sided token with the site logo on both sides. To differentiate heads and tails, one side of the token has a devil with a tail and the other side does not have a tail. Also included in the crate is a sticker that has the green devil logo on it.

The Se7enSins crate also includes some items that can be used everyday. The first of which is a Se7enSins coffee mug. The mug is completely black with a small devil logo on one side of it. Additionally, there is a a mouse pad with the Se7enSins logo on the same background pattern as the Se7enSins header.

If you are interested in buying the Se7enSins GamerCrate, it’s not too late. You can visit this page to purchase a crate while supplies last.
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