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The Railgun: Bringing Gaming One Step Closer to Reality

Relatively unknown startup company UzBrainnet, located in Sacramento, CA, has created a Kickstarter funding campaign for a device that may help...
  1. Night
    In the world of modern gaming, realism is becoming more and more of a requirement when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and hardware. With the introduction of VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and their increasing popularity, many companies are noticing the success of total immersion in games and are trying to capitalize on it. That's where UzBrainnet comes in. UzBrainnet is a relatively unheard of company that began working on a way to make FPS games feel more real back in 2013. Their idea? A controller that attaches to an airsoft gun via the rails, effectively transforming your gun into a working controller, which means it couldn't possibly feel more real in your hands.

    As shown in the video above, the controller itself has many different pieces that all connect to your airsoft gun, allowing you to control every aspect of the game without taking your hands off the gun or needing to hold it awkwardly. The secret is in their patented Fast Rotation technology, which allows you to turn 180 and even 360 degrees intuitively by looking left or right. They have also implemented an embedded algorithm that maximizes precision aiming by minimizing the hand trembling that is common in many people.

    Since the controller is attached to a real airsoft gun, the feeling of realism is unmatched. You will feel the recoil, hear the noise from the gun firing and control your character as if you actually are the character. They have even announced that you can pair the controller with Oculus Rift for an unprecedented level of immersion in your games!

    As of today, the controller is compatible with Windows computers natively, and consoles with the help of an adapter (not included). It should also be noted that you must own your own airsoft gun, they do not include one with the controller. They claim that the controller is compatible with most popular new FPS titles, with AAA games like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Battlefield Hardline and Destiny making the cut.

    Right now the controller is not for sale, as the Kickstarter campaign still has about a month to go, but you can pledge money to them now and get in on the early bird discounts they offer. Currently there are nine spots left for the second early bird tier, which is $165. Once those are filled there will be fifty spots available at $180, and then one more tier after that priced at $199. If they meet their goal, chances are the price will increase drastically, so it is recommended that you pledge now if this is something that interests you. If they do not meet their goal, you get your money back, so it truly is a no-risk investment.

    For all you FPS fans, is this something that appeals to you? Would you like to see more products like this in the future, or do you think that companies are going a little overboard with their attempts at making gaming feel more "real"? Let us know in the comments below!

    You can check out the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here, or by using the source link located at the bottom of this article.


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    I'm just an aspiring English Major with a love of all things geeky.
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  1. UberJim
    1. Night
      The two are very different.
  2. autochicken
    Sounds awesome, but this could also bring us one step closer to WWIII.

    Lol, I'm so stupid, did a tl;dr. I hate myself for that XD. This is cool :tongue:
  3. Stoner
    This looks awesome would totally get this :smile:
  4. Liberation
    This would be sick with the Oculus. I think I might have to invest in this since I already have a couple of actual rifles and AirSoft rifles I can put this on.
      Night likes this.
    1. Night
      Same, I've got an electronic air soft AR that won't be hurt by dry firing, I'm gonna pick this up as soon as I have the money to pledge.
    2. Liberation
      I have a P* so I think I'll enjoy it lol.
    3. Night
      Hell yeah, I have a PR-15 CQBR and I love it, it's gonna be badass with this equipped.
  5. X Delta X
    This is really sweet, but I could totally see somebody actually shooting their tv and then getting pissed off and trying to sue the company.
    1. Night
      They can try, but they'll get about as far as the people who did the same after breaking their TVs while playing Wii lol.
  6. M4YON
    Looks amazing but no chance of getting this over here in the UK =(
    1. Night
      How come?
    2. M4YON
      No Guns over here not even Airsoft guns are sold really be surprised if they allow something like this to be sold in the UK. Might have to sneakily import one.
  7. LookBroZombies_XBL
    F yeah, this is incredible and I love where they are going with this! The few things I would prefer is if there was a way to run in place to move the character (or use a treadmill), if you could zoom by pressing your eye/face to the scope piece . Also it would be cool if there was a way to put this on a pistol. Great article, I'm going to keep an eye on this company for sure.
      EyereEyes likes this.
  8. lol
    I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. I really like the way gaming seems to be going and cant wait to see what happens another 10 years or so down the line. Between stuff like this, the Oculus rift, Hololens ect ect I can't imagine that it will be anything less than mind blowing.
      Night likes this.
  9. TheItalianLad
    Another toy that nobody will buy. Really awesome seeing that gaming is really becoming a reality. :smile:
    1. Night
      As mentioned in other comments, this is essentially the racing wheel for FPS games. If people will spend hundreds of dollars for a steering wheel and pedals, they'll spend hundreds on this as well.
  10. Fanfare
    Consumer side is finally catching up to military training equipment. I'd hate to hear the trash talking when this is the main way to play FPS lol.
    Awesome article though and thanks for including the video.
    (Side note, dry firing most airsoft rifles on full auto is horrible for the mechanical parts. But, they could easily switch to a compressed air recoil system not intended to shoot BBs like the military uses.)
      EyereEyes likes this.