The Pokemon Company is Celebrating 20 Years With Throwback 3DS Bundle

In celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us a 3DS bundle that's a blast from the...
By Night · Jan 12, 2016 · Updated Jan 12, 2016
  1. Night
    It's been twenty years since The Pokemon Company released the first Pokemon titles in Japan. Although Pokemon Green was the original other half to the popular Pokemon Red, it's the Pokemon Red and Blue titles that were released internationally that became household names. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original games' release, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have teamed up once again to bring us a 3DS bundle that includes both of the popular games pre-installed.

    The bundle features the new, smaller 3DS that has removable faceplates to allow for better customization. To compliment this, The Pokemon Company has included two faceplates that showcase the featured starters' final evolutions, Charizard and Blastoise. The 3DS will also feature a unique Pokemon menu theme to compliment the bundle. The bundle is set to release on February 27th of this year.


    Japan will be receiving a quartet of transparent, colored 2DS handhelds, which are shown in the above image.

    But the festivities don't stop there, The Pokemon Company has a few other goodies in store for all the trainers out there. They have announced a Super Bowl advertisement that will air on February 7th, which supposedly will not feature any specific titles, but will encourage players to "train on". They have also announced a re-release of some rare, hard-to-find Pokemon Amiibo, including Charizard, Lucario, Greninja and Jigglypuff.

    They have also announced that there will be a new expansion to the trading card game, which will be up for grabs starting at around the end of February. Last, but certainly not least, there will be 12 Pokemon movies released throughout the year on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

    The only thing that hasn't been announced is a new Pokemon title for this year, which fans are eagerly anticipating. With all the other Pokemon related goodies that we will see this year, that doesn't seem like too much of a disappointment.


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  1. Alex
    It's crazy to think that most of you are younger than Pokemon. I remember back in the day before we had the English TCG and some girl at School brought everyone in our class Japanese packs of cards, we literally had no idea what to do with them and then the English TCG came out, bloody loved it.

    Can't wait to get my hands on those coverplates.
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  2. smelly02
    Been waiting for Nintendo to die out after the Wii. I used to own a wii and ds but now I see the company only getting worse in my opinion. The Wii U is ok, but I think this is the last of what they got... :meh:
    awsome if your an nintendo fan of the 90s like me
  4. VinnyHaw
    Update: Pre-orders are now open. I've seen it on and
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  5. King Mo
    Really tho? The 2ds? Does anyone actually own that?
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    2. SaraPwns
      I don't see how it's not portable?
    3. Night
      Because it doesn't flip, if it doesn't flip it isn't portable :wink:
    4. SaraPwns
      OMG my iphone is portable because it doesn't flip *throws iphone away* :tongue:
  6. 3xTiNcT
    Those are sick, I know some people that will be excited for this.
  7. Jacob Frye
    Just saw this on their channel :smile:
  8. jewfro690
    i wantt his so bad
  9. MoMo
    I wish it wasn't just the regular size :rolleyes:
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    1. Night
      Be nice if it was an XL, but this will have a lower price point, making it more accessible to more fans. I can support that.
    2. MoMo
      Eh I just bought a "New" Nintendo 3DS XL so I'm not that interested in buying another one. I already have 3 3DS and 2 of them are XL.
    3. Night
      Give me one then. Ty
  10. televisedfool
    I might just have to order one of these online. :eek:
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