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The Pinnacle of V Mod for GTA V Has Been Shut Down

One of the most impressive mods/graphical overhauls that was brought to a game showed extreme potential on PC. That mod being The Pinnacle of V...
  1. RaoulDuke
    One of the most impressive mods/graphical overhauls that was brought to a game showed extreme potential on PC. Although it was quite an achievement, the 4K graphics, texture overhaul, and many, many other improvements made it incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible, for even some higher-end PC builds to handle. Amidst all of the functioning parts that built up to a colossal whole that reconstructed the entire game of GTA V, there were some additions that were thrown into the mix that had not been developed specifically for The Pinnacle of V. To put it simply, certain features of The Pinnacle of V had been stolen from other developers who had no part in the project.

    Taking down his site and also removing all links and downloads of the mod, the man who began this project, Josh Romito, posted an official statement in an attempt to explain what had happened. Being a community-based project Josh had received an immense amount of support from many people. Only for him to find out that most, if not all of the support he received beside his own work had been stolen from other mod developers.
    In a completely shocked state of mind, Josh decided it was only right to shut down the project and let the gaming community know the truth of what exactly had happened. Although this was a major blow to all of the hard work and effort he had put forth for The Pinnacle of V, Josh has stayed true to his original goal, and has said he will be releasing his own work under the name ‘Redux’ modding. He is hoping to be judged on this new project, and not the setback that The Pinnacle turned out to be. If you’d like to read more about what The Pinnacle of V was striving to achieve for GTA V, you can check out all the unbelievable features and enhancements in my first article on the subject.

    Pinnacle of V Official Statement

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  1. punckhole
    Wow wtf. such a bummer. :frown:
  2. zlReborn
    That sucks
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    2. zlReborn
      I know here... But where like were can i find it
    3. RaoulDuke
      Do you mean The Pinnacle of V mod, or just GTA V mods in general, bradley bronson?
    4. zlReborn
      Just mod GTA V mods in general.
  3. Alex_The_Monster01
    im still confused.. he stole content or what??
      JoinTheResistance likes this.
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    2. JoinTheResistance
      Now I get it! Thanks!
    3. Ratsz
      Oh man, haha. Sorry, I totally messed things up. But that's just what the article sounded like.
    4. RaoulDuke
      No problem, man! Just wanted to make sure the information got across the right way lol
  4. CAPiiX
    Who cares if he stole code from other 'devs'? I mean seriously, it's modding the whole community should come together and share code...
    1. Modder v7
      If we really want to be technical about "stolen code", [just about] EVERY mod menu released is, in one way or the other, using AB's original ScripthookV coding, so, just about EVERY mod menu out there is using "stolen code". However, at the same time, how can it be called "stolen code" if it's readily available or released? If the OP of TPoV mod actually obtained code from unreleased sources, then this is unethical and he was wise to shut it down.
  5. K _
    #BringBackPinnacle Can we get that trending on Twitter or something
  6. Jeeper
    Also, Pinnacle of V dropped maybe 5 FPS on my 7950. SO YOU do not need a uber PC to run it.
  7. Plopawert
    It's a shame. Was one of the mods that has pushed me to purchasing GTAV for the PC.
  8. Michaelcannell5
    This is stupid
  9. Taylor Swift x
    That sucks, really.
    This looked rather impressive, with A LOT of dedication and time put into it.

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    2. Jeeper
      Thats like saying a game is a game
    3. RaoulDuke
      Well actually Jeeper, the only pieces that were stolen were from people who were on the outside of the project and sent in the stolen work to Josh, who founded the project. So all of the hard work was actually done by Josh Romito. With the stolen materials being given to him separately from his own mods.
    4. Jeeper
      Well thank you for that. I still always had a bad feeling about the mod and still do today. I was like this mod looks so much like other ones.
  10. Jeeper
    Good looked ugly anyways.