The original arcade version of Punch-Out!! is coming to Nintendo Switch as part of the Arcade Archives line, according to a report from Impress Game Watch. Arcade Archives Punch-Out!! will hit the Switch in Japan on March 30, 1983, arcade version is the latest Arcade Archives release.

A North American release has not been announced. We’ve reached out to Nintendo for details.

The Switch version will include multiple display options to account for the arcade game’s dual-monitor display. The arcade version of Punch-Out!! used a pair of TV monitors stacked vertically — Nintendo had a surplus of displays, which led to the game’s design — but the Arcade Archives version will let players arrange both screens horizontally or vertically.

Punch-Out!! is being ported to Switch by Hamster, the developer behind other classic arcade ports for Switch, including the original Mario Bros. and VS. Super Mario Bros.

The arcade version of Punch-Out!! was first released in Japan in 1983 and came to North America the following year. It introduced players to boxers like Glass Joe, Bald Bull and Mr Sandman, who would later appear in the more popular NES version of Punch-Out!!

Punch-Out!! was created by game designer Genyo Takeda who retired from Nintendo last year and recently received a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences at DICE.

Source: Polygon