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Rumor The Next Destiny Expansion Might Be Revealed

Speculation about a new Destiny expansion has been in the air for a while now, and someone on Reddit may have found something palpable. While...
  1. Casp
    For a while now, Bungie has been dropping cryptic hints regarding a possible new expansion for Destiny. Many users on Bungie.net have been searching around for answers to vague, enigmatic messages that have been appearing all over the website and directly messaged to other users. Many Destiny fans have been speculating that these messages are all related to further content to be released for the game, even though Bungie has publicly stated that there will be no expansions released until the Fall. However, a Reddit user by the name of RWeav2 has seemingly done a little more digging, and he has discovered something pretty tangible regarding the long-speculated expansion pack.

    A few days ago, RWeav2 posted on Reddit that the next Destiny expansion will be entitled Rise of Iron, and he also described (and later posted) the cover art for the title. While the initial posted concept art could certainly be fake (the bad quality and blurry aspect to the banner definitely doesn't do it any favors) the art actually looks pretty authentic in its contents. From the looks of the above image, there might be a new melee weapon in the flaming, two-handed axe. If this isn't just pure speculation, there might even be more added weapons in the expansion, and maybe more class-specific weapon additions.

    Considering it's rumored that Bungie plans to release new content in September, and with Sony's E3 press conference right around the corner, it's completely possible that this is a little more than just speculation. Granted, there aren't a whole lot of details right now, and this piece will be updated when more concrete facts come to fruition, but most of the pieces seem to fall into place here. Showcasing a new Destiny expansion at E3 wouldn't be very out of line for Sony, who really like to show off Destiny at their E3 press conferences. Regardless of speculation about this specific possible expansion, there is at least one more expansion coming out before Destiny 2 rolls into circulation.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    What are those wolves doing in the picture? lol
  2. II{-_-}II
    Bungie confirmed awhile ago that there will be a full expansion this fall, most likely September like the other releases. There won't be any expansions until then (maybe a small DLC or event) and this post was speculating on that yearly expansion. I don't think anyone who has followed Destiny would hold any hope for anything sooner.
  3. goss34
    Why does this game still exist?
      Salus and Keeley Hazell like this.
    1. AlienFreek01
      Because it is one of the most popular games still
  4. Salus
    Next stage of cancer might be revealed
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  5. Planetmaster
    Wait, that guy still posts?
  6. PSGAndr3w
    Wait, people still play this game?
    Yes, I'm that guy.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      That's what I'm saying. It's cool they might finally add a new raid or something but like most of their expansions, I'll play it for a week than just stop
    2. Keeley Hazell
      Also if it costs $ they can f*** themselves lol. I spent $90 for Destiny with the Expansion Pass and than another $40 for Taken King.. Money hungry basterds
    3. PSGAndr3w
      If the game was released in the state it is in now, with the promise of regular updates (like Guild Wars 2), it'd have a better fanbase. But, like all recent Activision games, it's doomed by Pay To Win aspects and bland, repetitive gameplay.
  7. Planetmaster
    Looks like a sad, lonely Titan got bored at school & drew a picture.
  8. Casp
      Kankuro likes this.