Many fans of the ever so popular first person RPG game Borderlands were ecstatic when they heard Gearbox Software's CEO Randy Pitchford announce that there will be a new game. He also refers to it as "the big one." This is exciting, however one major let down to lots of fans is the fact that it will be next gen exclusive. It was during a Q3 earnings call that Take Two's president had also made it clear that it will be a next gen exclusive. There is currently no projected finish date or even if they have started the project.

While you may be a little bit angry for this decision, there are many benefits to the game being next gen only. Rather than only being able to make a game capable of running on all consoles, they are allowed to expand into new game territories by experimenting with new features that may not particularly be possible on previous gen due to the hardware differences. They will be able to use all of the next gen's power and create a truly extraordinary game.

If they had to cater towards all 4 consoles, the previous gen would also have less players that would buy the game simply because the masses of people who have upgraded. Trying to create a game for such a small community compared to next gen would be a very bad call as it would hurt profits, quite possibly taking away from the quality of the game.

At this moment, there isn't a set date for the release, however it appears that it won't be anytime soon. Gearbox's main writer Anthony Burch had announced that he has left Gearbox. This will definitely have an impact on the game's progress. Without their main writer, they'll be one important man down. Anthony had lots of ideas that were included in previous Borderlands games. There is going to take some time to find a suitable replacement, but Randy Pitchford did announce on Twitter earlier that they are looking for people to help make this game. It would seem the hunt for a new mastermind has already started.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Borderlands is a first person shooter type RPG game. It usually follows a pattern of 4 different characters you can choose from, each of them containing unique features to them. There are creatures of different skill levels that you have to sleigh throughout your journey to complete tasks for others. Along the way, you encounter new guns, different bosses, and even bandits!

How excited are you about this new Borderlands game? Do you think that creating a a next gen exclusive game will hurt the franchise or push it even higher?