Even though the Master Chief Collection is keeping every Halo fan busy right now, a lot of them are stuck waiting in the menus, trying to find a game. Why don't we take some time to look at the multiplayer for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians while we wait? 343 Industries recently revealed some juicy information about how this is going to work, and it did indeed bring some interesting changes. We are going to experience game changing new features, so the question is if they will be balanced enough to not break the game? Will it still provide that familiar Halo feel? We will find out on December 29th, when the Beta kicks off for everyone with a copy of the MCC. Here is a little round up of the changes you will see if you are one of them:

There are as you can see in the menu above, 7 very interesting features for you to get used to, and they are all tied together. The Thruster Pack will let you dash to get out of the line of fire and into cover. It will also give you the ability to slightly hover in the air while scoped, allowing for some nifty use of cover. Then you have the Clamber, that lets your Spartan succeed those jumps that usually would make you want to tear your hair out. When you just missed that ledge, you can now grab it, and get up there. You can also reach higher than ever before. Thank you Thruster Pack. And not to forget, when you are up high, the Spartan can instakill his enemies by executing a Ground Pound. That might be both incredibly annoying and at the same time awesome, all depending on whether or not you are on the receiving end of that slam.

Then we have the ability to sprint. As long as you would like. Just keep in mind, as long as you are sprinting your shield will not recharge and will leave you vounerable. When you are at maximum speed however, you can choose to Slide or Charge. Slide into cover, or into someones face with a shotgun. Charge, and you punch their face in before they have a chance to blink. I think it sounds like a good time, but I know others will most likely disagree.

One of the most significant changes is the option to aim down sights on all weapons. Even the Energy Sword has enhanced targeting. The smart scope feature is connected to your shield, just like the sprint-as-long-as-you-damn-well-please. So if you choose to aim down sights, your shield will stop regenerating. You will still be able to move as fast as you are while using hip fire, but if you are hit you will be knocked out of scope. Basically, what they tried to do is to give you some benefits to go with the playstyle of your choice, but balance it out so that if you choose to take advantage of them, you will have to sacrifice something else. If you want to take a closer look at the new multiplayer in action, enjoy this Behind the Scenes footage:

You can unlock armor for both the upcoming beta and the final version just by playing MCC. To unlock the Mark VI Gen 1 armor, get the “Your Journey Begins” achievement. Beat the Cairo Station level in Halo 2 to get the “scarred” variety of the classic Master Chief Mjolnir armor, and you can earn the Helioskrill armor it by completing all four campaigns on Legendary difficulty. The Nightfall armor will be distributed in two pieces and will be yours if you watch all episodes of Halo: The Nightfall.

The Halo 5: Guardians Beta will launch on December 29 2014 and will include 3 weeks of access to 3 game modes on 7 different maps.

How ready are we for these new changes? Do we really want all this new stuff, of should we let 343 Industries know that we want them to make a Halo like the ones we already know and love? What are your thoughts?

Thanks to Selena Gomez for the topic.