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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Details


The Legend of Zelda finally went open world. In the new addition to the legendary game series, Breath of The Wild, gamers get to experience the new features brought to the highly anticipated game. From what we've seen of videos and gameplay at this year's E3, there is no doubt that Breath of the Wild is truly an open world experience. This game will be like nothing we've ever seen out of the series. With a map that is twelve times the size of the one featured in Twilight Princess, you can now explore and play the game however you'd like.

Breath of The Wild is packed with a ton of new features. One of the first new features we get to see is that Link is now able to jump and climb. This may not seem like a big deal, but it adds much more variety to the existing game style, as well as the open world. That means no more walking around mountains, you can climb to the top of them. For example, you can go to the top of trees for safety or resources. It could also add to the puzzles and hidden items, making them harder to figure out or find.

Up next, we get to talk about the amazing realistic features added to the game. There is an entire weather system implemented into the game, which has a huge effect on Link and his surroundings. If it is too cold out and Link starts losing health, you can switch to something a bit more insulated so he doesn't freeze. You can also start a fire to warm back up, or put a pan down over the fire and cook some food to regain your health. Now let's say the fire spreads to some grass and ignites it If the wind catches it just right, it will spread throughout the field. This could also add a huge element to puzzles, combat, and the general environment.


To continue the realism in Breath of The Wild, everything in the game is guided by physics, such as rolling a boulder down a cliff to kill enemies. Another example of these realistic physics is the ability to chop down a tree and use it as bridge to cross a large gap. Nintendo has even added more to the stealth aspect of the game. It is possible to do quests stealthily, however they've added a "noise gauge". Meaning the faster you move, the more noise you make and the harder it is to sneak up on anyone.

Next thing we'll talk about is the equipment and general inventory. The inventory, or "Pouch", is split up into seven sections: Weapons, Bows and Arrows, Shields, Armor, Materials, Food, and Important Items. The Weapon section will be holding anything from the limbs of enemies, to axes and swords. From what we've seen during E3, after you've killed an enemy that was using a weapon, you can pick up their weapon and re-use it against another enemy. Another option is to store the newly acquired weapon in the Weapon section of your pouch. The Armor section will be holding your different sets of clothing. The Material section will be holding food and material items, which you can later use to cook a bigger meal, or presumably use for crafting. Finished meals will be stored in the Food section, ready to be used when you're low on health.

To wrap it up, we'll talk about the "magic" aspect of the game. In the beginning of Breath of The Wild, Link wakes up in the Shrine of Resurrection. A few moments later, you find the Sheikah Slate and a voice tells you that it'll come in handy on your journey ahead. Think of the Sheikah Slate as a magic device that will not only help you to navigate and locate enemies, but it also holds four unlockable runes that will help you during both fights and puzzles. The four runes mentioned are Magnesis, Remote Bomb, Stasis, and Cryonis. The Magnesis rune allows you to lift objects into the air and move them wherever you need them to be. Remote Bomb simply allows you to create and remotely detonate bombs. Stasis allows you to stop objects in time, which may become handy for puzzles that throw boulders at you. The Cryonis rune allows you to create up to three ice pillars in any body of water, allowing you to create platforms to get to certain locations, or use them to climb to an unreachable area.

I thoroughly enjoyed the older Legend of Zelda games, and I think this will be an amazing new direction for the series. I've always wanted an open world Zelda experience, and I think Breath of The Wild is going to do a fantastic job of delivering such an experience. Although I didn't like a few of the runes that the Sheikah Slate has access to, I believe this game will still go down as one of the best in the series. I will absolutely be picking this game up on release day, and I look forward to exploring Hyrule in an open world environment.
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