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The Last Guardian Is Finally Here

The wait, at last, is over. Let us today celebrate The Last Guardian. Let us celebrate the remarkable dedication and effort of our fantastic team...
  1. Shawn Layden

    Few creators enjoy so respected a status as Fumito Ueda.

    He has served as director on two titles: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They are magical adventures, tapping into the wellspring of wonderment that lives in us all. Both forever have a place in PlayStation’s proud history.

    When I reintroduced The Last Guardian at E3 2015, I was genuinely moved by the passion of that audience. Few experiences compare to hearing fans rejoice an unexpected light at the end of a very long tunnel.

    Much like that of the boy and his fantastical companion Trico, this has been a tremendous journey. It’s a rare feat in our industry to endure nearly a decade in development. Many amazing people have contributed along the way, all of them believing—as you, our amazing fans, do—in Ueda-san and his singular, exacting vision.

    The wait, at last, is over. On behalf of PlayStation, thank you for believing that this day could still come.

    Let us today celebrate The Last Guardian. Let us celebrate the remarkable dedication and effort of our fantastic team at Japan Studio. Let us celebrate Fumito Ueda and tireless dreamers everywhere, who strive so masterfully, so beautifully, to move and inspire us. You can get it here.

    Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Blitz
    Can I just...
    May I...
    I'm just gunna leave this here. . .

    But being real, this game looks great. I don't have a next gen console but I will most definitely watch a few playthroughs of it.
    1. Rukhmar
      Watched a 3 hour play through yesterday of this game *SPOILER*SPOILER*SPOILER* there is like 20 plot twist and the ending is not what many people expected
      Blitz likes this.
    2. Blitz
      Huh, okay. I watched part one of JackSepticEye's play through, so I think I will watch his, and then a couple other youtube's if they post the game. I'm interested to see what's in store!
    3. Rukhmar
      Lol thats where I started then got dragged in and had to see what happened at the end...
      Blitz likes this.
  2. Rukhmar
    This game looks pretty cool not sure if im going to buy it tho but good article