DICE has come forward with another Star Wars: Battlefront reveal. This time, they go in depth with one of the Heroes of the game, Luke Skywalker, and one of the Villains, Darth Vader. Kicking things off with the hero Luke. DICE revealed that the young Jedi will be a powerful character capable of using devastating heavy attacks with his lightsaber, or utilizing the force to push back waves of enemies. Based upon Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Luke will sport dark clothes with a glove on his right hand. Luke is described as being an acrobatic character. DICE has made sure to cover that while Luke is strong, his powers and movements will reflect the fact that he's still a young Jedi, and is new to using his powers.

Some of Luke's many abilities in the game include a bio-mechanical jump that has be augmented by The Force, wide sweeping, heavy attacks that can take out large groups of enemies at once. A special move called the Saber Rush which will allow Luke to propel himself towards enemies with great speed to cut them down in the blink of an eye, and of course the powerful force push which will be great for knocking down and taking out targets from a distance. To take control of Luke Skywalker or any other Hero or Villain, players will need to locate and use a special pickup for the characters on the map. When taking control of a special character your health bar will be in a constant decline. Killing enemies as quickly as possible will prolong your life, and will let you stay in the boots of the powerful characters for as long as possible.


Cue Darth Vader, all powerful Lord of the Sith, harbinger of death and destruction across the galaxy. The temptation can be quite strong to join the dark side. Who doesn't want to strike fear into the hearts of those who attempt to do good? DICE has ensured Darth Vader will be as powerful and as menacing as he can possibly be. In the right hands, Vader will be a near unstoppable force.

Destroying your opponents with melee moves will be easy for Darth Vader users. Vader will come packed with devastating short range attacks that will be great for taking out groups of enemies as fast as possible. Also making it's way into the game will be Vader's Force Choke ability. Any fan of the series will have a hell of a time strangling people from a distance and moving them through the air against their will. DICE promises Darth Vader will come with a plethora of abilities and with lots of practice, thing like prioritizing threats and handling multiple enemies at once will become a very easy job. For example, Vader will come with a special Saber Throw move, which will allow you to throw your lightsaber to slice apart multiple enemies then return your saber to your hand using The Force.


So, what happens when you meet someone as destructive as Darth Vader on the battlefield? If you've seen the Walker Assault on Hoth trailer you remember how menacing Darth Vader seemed. It seems like a nearly impossible task for a simple soldier to take on such a destructive force right? DICE promises this won't be the case. While Vader will be as strong as possible, he won't be unstoppable. Like almost any path to success, teamwork is key. If you try to take on Vader solo you'll be decimated before you could even think about pulling the trigger. The best strategy for taking on someone as powerful as Darth Vader is to gather your teammates and strike him from behind when he won't be able to defend himself. This same tactic applies to all of the melee Heroes and Villains. Players who do massive amounts of damage or land the finishing blow on a Hero or Villain will be greatly rewarded so make sure you do your best to be one of those people. Stay tuned to the Homepage for more updates on Star Wars: Battlefront Heroes and Villains.

Star Wars: Battlefront releases on November 17th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.