Gris, the introspective, watercolour painting-like platformer we fell for earlier this fall, will be available in December, just ahead of the holidays. Devolver Digital announced today that Nomada Studio’s first title launches Dec. 13 on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

The world of Gris is a quiet one and one defined by colour and music rather than dialogue. Gris, the woman whose story the game tells, loses her voice and endeavours to retrieve it, all while making sense of the dramatic, dreamlike landscape that beckons her. There aren’t traditional things to fear, as Gris can’t die. But she will develop additional abilities and encounter trickier platforming puzzles along the way. This is a test of skill, not might, and don’t expect an easy exam.

Gris is a well-paced, beautiful experience; Nomada Studio expects it to only take players a few hours to complete. But with that art style, expect the game to stick with you for a long while.

Source: Polygon