After LucasArt's death last year, I was quite worried about how the next Star Wars games would turn out. After the cancelation of countless "next-gen" Star Wars games like Star Wars: 1313, I was dumbfounded. The Star Wars games have all been treated extremely well, a perfect example being Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. It was an RPG with a license to kill for, and surprisingly enough, it was excellent! It took something that people never thought would work, and they made it work.

What I ponder now, however, is if these new developers are going to use the license with top-notch care. And seeing how DICE is making the next Battlefront game, it scares me to even think about it. The recent launch of Battlefield 4 is a perfect example of this. Bugs were everywhere, the game constantly crashed, and it was just a bad game in general. And again, seeing that EA and DICE are the ones making it, if they do not give the tender care that LucasArt's gave us with tons of Star Wars games, Battlefront 3 will suffer the same fate as Battlefield 4. Not only is a meatless, careless launch horrible for the overall sales and the game itself, it would be a punch in the balls for the franchise.

The previous games were so well-made and fun that people are still playing them today! Take a look at Battlefront 2. Even though GameSpy is shutting the servers down, people are still playing it to this day, and that is something that I do not want them to break with Battlefront 3. It's not something that we see anymore in games that often, so please do not mess the game up with micro transactions or laggy servers. Make it the game that people want it to be.

But that's not all, the lack of interest in the series is also a problem. Some of the greatest games out there were based on the franchise as a whole, like Rebel Squadron for the GameCube. It quickly became a hit, but if we do not achieve more interest in future Star Wars projects, then it will eventually get to a point when the franchise will just sit there, collecting dust. Interest in development for new projects will definitely sky-rocket after the release of the new Star Wars movies, but again, they absolutely have to be done right, don't make them a quick movie cash-in, that most movies these days are accused of to such a big extent. These games need to be treated with respect, and if EA messes up, they will be known as the killer of the franchise.

At the end of the day, Star Wars is a licence that should not be played around with, especially after the death of LucasArts. After the news that DICE and EA are making the next Battlefront game, my heart stopped. Will they ruin the franchise? Or bring it back? Give me your opinion down at the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading, and may the force be with you.

"These aren't the droids were looking for..."