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The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Released

The Elder Scrolls Online has received its second and largest content expansion, and developer ZeniMax Online Studios has detailed everything that...
  1. Feyfolken
    The Elder Scrolls Online, as the name indicates, is another chapter in the popular fantasy franchise The Elder Scrolls. What separates this game from the rest of the games in the franchise is that The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively-multiplayer online rendition of the traditional single-player RPG. Akin to the rest of the series, however, The Elder Scrolls Online features a massive world to explore, an action-oriented combat style and an absurd amount of customization options and features. Although the game was hugely anticipated before and after it was announced in 2012, its execution fell short and it has since been met with mixed criticism and reviews. In January of this year, the game shifted from its subscription-based payment model to a buy-to-play system, similar to Guild Wars 2. An optional payment option called ESO Plus was introduced that offered bonus incentives to people who purchased it and one of those incentives is the newly released expansion titled Orsinium.

    Players who are under the ESO Plus membership will have received access to Orsinium as of yesterday when the expansion was released on PC and Mac, and they will continue to have access to it until their subscription runs out. The game can also be purchased through the in-game currency known as Crowns if ESO Plus membership is not an option. The standard edition of the expansion is available for 3,000 Crowns, with the Collector's Edition sitting at the price of 5,000 Crowns. Though the expansion will be restricted to players who purchase it or ESO Plus membership, there will be a base game patch that adds content and compatibility changes for everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online, even those who have not purchased the expansion. These changes will include "controller support, battle leveling updates, subtitles, shield dyeing, LFG improvements, and the Champion Point cap and catch-up system."

    Although the base game will be receiving its own patch, ZeniMax made sure to detail what Orsinium owners would be getting with their purchase.
    Although the expansion and patch to the base game certainly add a lot to the already enormous amount of content, it's still unclear as to whether or not this will address the many concerns that fans have had since the game's release. If you play The Elder Scrolls Online, what is your take on this? Do you believe that ZeniMax Online Studios is trying to do right by their fans or do they still have a ways to go?


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