The Division is getting a big free content update this fall, and today we found out what's in store. Ubisoft revealed that the 1.8 update will include two new modes alongside a new area and social space.

The update features a new cooperative mode as well as a competitive gametype. The co-op mode, called Resistance, is a Horde-like mode in which four players team up against increasingly difficult enemies. According to Ubisoft, Resistance is unique in that the enemy factions will, for the first time in the game, team up to try to defeat you.

In the PvP mode, Skirmish, two teams of four face off against each other. It's essentially deathmatch--you compete for the greatest number of kills before time expires, and points are granted when players are fully eliminated.

Players can also check out West Side Pier, a new area that expands on the existing map. "The Division must investigate the area to confirm that factions are indeed forging an alliance and determine the reason of their sudden interest in this location," Ubisoft explained. The new modes will take place in West Side Pier.

Finally, Update 1.8 will add the Camp Clinton social space. As with existing social spaces, you'll be able to team up and change gear without the risk of encountering enemies.

The update also features some significant tweaks, overhauls, and balance changes. Rogue mechanics are being revamped, the Underground DLC is getting some changes, and the gear system will be optimized. Ubisoft will talk more about these changes in the upcoming weeks.

You can read about The Division's 1.7 update here. It added new customization options, Global Events, and a bunch of other improvements.

Source: GameSpot