The Division's 1.6.1 update is going live tomorrow, the game's official Twitter account revealed, and it's bringing a number of tweaks and refinements to the online shooter. In addition to the usual bug fixes, the update adds a loadouts feature to the game. Players will now be able to save their weapons, gear, skills, and talents to new loadout slots, letting you easily swap between your favorite combinations. Up to six different loadouts can be saved per character. The update also makes some changes to Last Stand mode. Now, the game will award the player who scores the highest in their role with Proficiency Marks. Each team will have its own list of Proficiency Marks, and multiple can be earned by the same player. Earning Proficiency Marks will also boost a player's personal score at the end of the round.

Some other notable changes coming in tomorrow's update, taken from the patch notes:

  • Aim assist will no longer be activated when players hip-fire with a controller.
  • Backpack capacity will no longer be randomly generated for all High-End, Exotic and Gear Sets backpacks. Instead, they will all have a capacity of 110 (120 with all Base of Operations perks unlocked). This change is retroactive.
  • NinjaBike Backpack has been removed from all loot tables until it can be correctly revamped. That means that it will no longer drop from NPCs or in Exotic Caches.
  • Base Flinch has been significantly reduced on all weapons. This change affects both PvP and PvE (NPCs weapons will cause less Flinch).
  • The Ammo crate was moved to a new location at the beginning of a new Underground phase to make it easier to access.
  • Added rewards for clearing a Landmark in the Dark Zone. Players will now receive Dark Zone experience, currency as well as one non-contaminated item directly to their inventory.
  • Significant Level Design changes and improvements were made to several locations in the Dark Zone to limit unfair encounters.

The Division's 1.6.1 update will apply to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC releases, the latter of which is also getting a handful of specific refinements, such as improved texture and model loading speeds and a new control setting that lets players select their gamepad detection mode. For the complete rundown of changes, be sure to consult the update's full patch notes.

Source: GameSpot