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Rumor The Division Set to Host an Open Beta

The Division has been quite the topic these past few weeks as expectations continue to rise for this game. Players were able to join the closed...
  1. Crooks

    The gaming scene has been very active these past few weeks as hype continues to grow for Ubisoft's latest game, The Division. This is due to the fact that not only is the release date for the game slowly creeping upon us, but we were also treated to another closed beta for the game before release. The closed beta was scheduled to run from Thursday to Monday for the Xbox One, and Friday through Monday for the PC and PS4, but it was extended for an extra 24 hours due to popular demand.

    On that note, many players are still waiting to get into the beta even as we speak. With time slowly running out and players waiting to get into the beta growing more anxious, the following news may allow you to breathe a bit easier. An image was posted on Xbox Italy's Facebook page which gave us a rough outline of what to expect on Xbox for the month of February. Something that they ended up leaking, however, was the fact that Ubisoft are planning an additional beta for The Division, but this time, it's set to be an open beta, meaning anybody can drop in and play.


    None of this has been confirmed by any party as of now, but the context and source make it appear as if this is something that is already set in stone. The image also claimed that Xbox One players would gain access to the open beta one full day before PS4 and PC players, which was also the case for the current closed beta. If all of this is true, then the open beta will run from February 16th to the 21st for the Xbox One and from the 17th to 21st for players on PC or PS4.

    As hype continues to grow for this game, there's not doubt that this open beta will only help the game out in terms of sales. If you're interested in purchasing the game, then you will be able to do so once it hits shelves on March 8th, 2016. What do you think? Are you excited for this game? Will you hop into the open beta if it's real? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Master
    I have seen a few videos on this game and it seems like they are gaining some momentum. Many people have high hopes for this game.
  2. M4YON

    Open Beta confirmed, just got the email.

      Southy and Crooks like this.
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    2. M4YON
      Wonder if my progress from the closed Beta will carry over =)
    3. Southy
      It doesn't carry over...but good news, All the Division skins are available to install if you have the season pass.
    4. M4YON
      I meant my closed beta progress carrying over to the Open Beta, guess I'll find out tomorrow.

      Fantastic news about the skins I've spent 21 pages on that thread arguing to get them lol
  3. Bertb2008
    i got the code 3 hours before it shut lol
      fettyjeff likes this.
    1. fettyjeff
      Damn, that's annoying.
  4. Loui2
    The beta was boring after a few hours and I fear the full game is going to be just as boring, there did not seem to be much to do or experience. Also the rogue system is disgusting and broken, I'm sure Ubisoft knows this and will fix it.
    This is basically Ubisoft's version of Destiny with rehashed game mechanics from games like Gears Of War, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Aside from all of what I said, I don't think they are pulling or have pulled a Watch Dogs. They can have my money and some of my time but don't expect me to play over a long period of time, if things don't change for The Division in a way that encourages me to put in hours/days/weeks of progression, then there are other games in which I rather sink time and heart to like Star Citizen, Warframe, and Black Desert Online.

    I already bought the game, what they do or don't do now or later with the game won't affect my purchase but it will definitely affect the way I see Ubisoft products (so far I have a more positive image then when Watch Dogs and ACU was released).
  5. ImDuhOnlyTragik
    Really can't wait for this amazing game, this game really looks unique and I have not seen any thing like it. I will immediately download the beta. Don't fail Me Ubisoft I'm trusting you this time.
  6. AngelFreeOne
    Hopefully it let us keep what we earned lol
    1. Dillon Francis
      They said it won't.
    2. NikkiBear
      Lol I wish! They never let us keep beta stats lol
    3. Dillon Francis
      That's the point of a beta
  7. Absim
    Hopefully they let us access more of the game's content. The closed beta was really easy to get bored of since they just restricted so much. Guns need to be more balanced aswell. The m44 carbine destroys the Caudicius which is a high end gun. The whole rouge aspect of games needs tweaking as solo players are WAY to much at a disadvantage when facing off groups of players.
  8. Southy
    Nice! Me & my friends have had a blast both in the Alpha & the Closed Beta.

    I highly recommend y'all to give it a try. I've pre-ordered the gold edition already :wink:
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    2. Southy
      M4YON Cool! Btw did you post on UBI's forums about the four skin sets (The Americas Exclusive) ? Small world.

      It's unfair for EU & ROTW -_-
    3. M4YON
      I did yeah lol I've got a code for the 4 skin sets by creating a new uplay account in the US and using a VPN but whether it works when the game releases is another question. I cannot understand their logic in creating a US exclusive on free content when we pay more for our games, it boggles the mind.
    4. Southy
      I'll be creating a new account closer to release.

      UBI could always add them to the Uplay App for everyone else...but they won't.
  9. 3xTiNcT
    Good, didn't have time to play the closed beta.
  10. LookBroZombies_XBL
    I'm finally able to be excited for this again since it's so close to release! I was pretty bummed when the date was pushed back but I was very happy with the Alpha and Beta so I think it was worth the wait. The graphics aren't as good as they were supposed to be (on console at least) and that's probably the only disappointing part for me.
    1. M4YON
      I found the beta sets the brightness up to around 75 which is far too high. I set my brightness to 50 and sharpness to 100 and tge game looks a lot better. Other than that just have to hope the full release is in better shape.