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The Division Open Beta Pre-Load Now Live, Beta Content Revealed

Division fans rejoice! We’re only a few days away from being able to partake in the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta. You’ll be able...
  1. God

    Division fans rejoice! We’re only a few days away from being able to partake in the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta. You’ll be able to temporarily begin your journey in a once bustling city rendered helpless by a dangerous pandemic. Whether you choose to take on New York City as a lone wolf or with a group of friends is up to you. The fight to take back the city and attempt to restore it to what it once was begins here.

    Participants in the Open Beta will be able to cap out their agent at level 8 when outside of a Dark Zone. Players will be restricted to a level cap of 12 when inside of a Dark Zone, which has a different ranking system from normal zones. The Dark Zone is an area of the map where PvP is enabled, which is without a doubt a place many gamers will flock to right off the bat. The city is full of loot for the taking, just remember that you won’t be the only one after it. If you want to survive in the Open Beta, it’s best you gather a team of players and learn to work in together. Combine your in-game abilities and skills to lead each other to victory. Inside of the Dark Zone things can go from peachy to sour in a second, without a team to communicate with you might not last very long.

    The Open Beta will feature a brand new mission not featured in the Closed Beta, along with some new changes being made to the map itself. The new mission is titled Subway Morgue, and will focus on a “local power outage has been traced to Subway Morgue generators.” The goal of the mission is to locate and recover the missing JTF Engineer Paul Rhodes so you can give him a hand with restoring the power, along with returning him to your Base of Operation so he can open up your Tech Wing. Players who complete the mission will be rewarded with 800 Tech Wing Supplies, 470 Credits, and a few bonus items to boot.

    The Open Beta is free and open to everyone. You don't need a code to enter, simply go to your platform shop, download and play:

    • Xbox One: Go to Games and search for Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta

    • PlayStation 4: Go to the Playstation Store and search for Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta

    • PC: Launch the Uplay PC client, click on the “GAMES” tab and at the top of page select “Free Games”. The Division will be available in the list shown.
    You can enjoy the beta starting on February 18th for Xbox One users, and February 19th for PC and PS4 players. The beta will end on all platforms on the 22nd.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Sad I missed out on it but I enjoyed my time while I couldn't play it.
  2. BetterGreen
    Well I know I'm buying this game, the beta is better than most games full releases. I'm having fun and it's not a Call of Duty or GTA!
  3. Viitri
    It's open now, just went through the opening cut scene.
  4. TheItalianLad
    can't wait to try it out once I'm out of this ****** school detention.
  5. televisedfool
    Yep all updated and ready to go. :biggrin:

    Can't wait to try out the new skill and the new mission. Should be some big differences in the dark zone too. :thumbsup:
    1. Weeb
      How big was your download? I'm not looking forward waiting for 30GB odd to download on a 300kB/s connection.
    2. televisedfool
      roughly 1.6 GB, I already had it on my harddrive from the closed beta.

      Otherwise it's like 27 gb for the full download.
    3. Weeb
      Yeah I'll have to download the lot, I never got into the closed beta, looking forward to this one though!