Ubisoft has announced Title Update 3, set to go live in The Division 2 this month, will not increase the game's Gear Score to 515 like previously stated. Instead, the maximum Gear Score will remain at 500.

"Our intention, as always, is for players to enjoy the content they love and continue to make progress with their Agent," a blog post on The Division 2 website reads. "After talking about loot and Gear Score in a lot of meetings, chats and video calls and many white boards being filled with thoughts, notes and graphs, we decided that with all the changes coming with [Title Update 3], increasing the Gear Score at this point would have created a couple of issues."

The post goes on to list some of those issues, including how raising the Gear Score to 515 would have made all Gear Score 500 items outdated ahead of the raid that's also included in Title Update 3. "We don't want to invalidate your progression and we heard that feedback loud and clear from our community," the post reads. Ubisoft also doesn't want The Division 2 to become too focused on chasing higher Gear Scores, as "it should be about finding a playstyle and build that you enjoy."

To reinforce this, Ubisoft has made several changes to Title Update 3 ahead of its release. These changes are listed below. The list of in-game adjustments and add-ons coming in Title Update 3 are listed in the full patch notes on The Division 2's website.

The Division 2 Title Update 3 Changes

  • We have increased the rewards for daily Priority Hard and Challenging missions. Once you've reached Gear Score 500, those activities will guarantee Gear Score 500 drops.
  • Heroic Mission bosses, Stronghold bosses and Bounty bosses, as well as Control Point Alert Level 4 reward containers guarantee Gear Score 500 items if your average Gear Score is at 500.
  • DZ contaminated loot does not drop below player's average Gear Score. When you've reached an average Gear Score of 500, Contaminated loot will guarantee Gear Score 500 items.
  • We've balanced loot across the board to reduce the chances of items dropping at a lower Gear Score than that of your character.

The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: GameSpot