Division 2 is a pretty solid game mechanically, but there’s one narrative problem plaguing the game since the end of the first The Division: The man behind all of this trouble, Aaron Keener, aka Vanguard.

Keener is a former Division agent who went rogue and has plans to destabilize the rest of the world. In The Division 2, we didn’t run into Keener at all — in fact, we only got an audio log that he had gone back to New York City, while were in D.C. However, today at E3, Ubisoft announced the third DLC for The Division 2 will take us back to New York, and we’re on a manhunt for a traitor.

New York was the setting for the first Division, but it was during a snowy winter. This time, we’re going to get The Division 2’s summer in the Big Apple. We can likely expect a return of old environments, characters, and landmarks, with new enemies and collectables. We’ll also finally get to go toe to toe with Keener unless Ubisoft pulls that rug out from beneath us again.

This DLC won’t launch until later this year, after two other post-release episodes. They include an attack on the surviving Outcast leader in the National Zoo, a trip to the Pentagon, and the game’s second eight-player raid.

Source: Polygon