The Division 2 is preparing for its first major content update, and it's on its way very soon. The first free episode of its Year 1 content plan, titled DC Outskirts: Expeditions, will release on July 23 for Year 1 Pass holders and a week later, July 30, for all players.

The release is split into two main content types: the main story missions, and the new Expeditions. The main story will pick up where the campaign left off, sending your agents into areas around DC to find a lost convoy. That will consist of two new main missions: Camp White Oak, on the trail of the traitorous President Ellis, and the Manning National Zoo, where you're aiming to finish off the Outcast leader Emeline Shaw.

Expeditions are split into three different wings that will release weekly. Finishing all three will give you access to an exclusive treasure room with a new exotic weapon (Diamondback Rifle), exotic gear (BTSU Datagloves), and two more weapons (Stoner LMB and Carbine 7). It all begins when you explore Kenly College to find what happened to a supply convoy.

Both the story missions and Expeditions feature will launch on July 30 for all players. The expansion will also bring Classified Assignments that are exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders. These take place in the Central Aquarium and NSA Site B13.

Ubisoft also detailed a set of tweaks and improvements that will be coming in the update, many of them based on player feedback. Most significantly, the Operation Dark Hours raid will have a new "Discovery" difficulty that will let players use matchmaking. The lack of raid matchmaking led to complaints from the community. The Normal mode will still have its own exclusive loot, but Discovery will let players try the raid and learn the ropes in a more casual setting.

A few other changes are coming as well. Crafting will max out at Gear Score 500 and players can share blueprints across characters and recalibrate crafted weapons. It will also introduce a range of balancing tweaks and an overhaul of various Skills.

This is the first of three planned major content drops for Year 1 of the game. The others will take you to the Pentagon in the fall, and then Coney Island in early 2020.

Source: GameSpot