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The Art of Fallout 4: First 30 Pages Released and 44% Off


War never changes. The iconic quote delivered by Ron Perlman as the official line of the Fallout series rings true in the series' story, but let's not forget that there's something else that never changes: art. In this case, it's the art behind the upcoming entry to the Fallout series, Fallout 4. Bethesda Softworks has released the first 30 pages of The Art of Fallout 4, which has 362 pages of concept art and many of the iterations that characters, locations and items in the game have gone through. We'll see the what the art team behind the Fallout series has created as a model for everything players see inside of Fallout 4, and a continuation of the last works from the late Adam Adamowicz, the sole concept artist for Fallout 3.

The Art of Fallout 4 will feature "never-before-seen designs and concept art from the game's dynamic environments, iconic characters, detailed weapons, and more" and will go as far as to include commentary from the artists themselves. This unique perspective into the Fallout universe will offer a glimpse into the development of the game and show how art impacts the development process. The Art of Fallout 4 is currently being sold on Amazon for just under $30, which is a substantial discount from their official store price at $50.

Bethesda is also selling The Art of Fallout 4 Limited Edition, which will only have 5,000 copies made and sold. The $85 book will come with the following features in addition to the standard art book:
  • Fully printed slipcase featuring wrap-around image of the Power Armor on metallic paper and soft touch lam, for a 'metal' look
  • Hardcover soft touch art book with metallic and silver gilding features
  • Black cloth portfolio that holds an original exclusive full-color archival printed 9” x12" mini lithograph with signature by Ray Lederer, concept artist from Bethesda.
  • 384 total pages, which includes a 16-page Art Gallery Section only available in the Limited Edition!
  • Includes a redemption code for a digital copy of the regular edition of The Art of Fallout 4 (a $29.99 value).
  • Approx. Dims: 9.6"W x 12.75"H x 2" D

Credit to The Finders Cult and Noobert for the topic and sale, respectively.

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