Ahead of The Walking Dead: Season Three - A New Frontier's release next week, developer Telltale has released details of its story generator, built specifically for Season Three.

The generator samples your decisions in 42 different scenarios, and thereby determines what kind of survivor you are. It was built to help those who didn't play Seasons One and Two, since your decisions in those games affects your situation in Season Three. It's also useful for those who played on PS3 or Xbox 360 and now cannot import their save files over.

The generator doesn't just ask you what you did (or would have done) in previous episodes, however. Dilemmas like who to save or where to go "don't really paint a great picture of who your Clementine is," explains Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner. "They show us what she did, but it didn't capture why she did those things. And why you make a choice is what matters most in our games."

"There are only two big options at the end of Season One, but there are many different types of Lee and Clementines out there. That last choice is representative of some pretty complicated motivations, and we wanted to capture that."​

Telltale looked at over 40,000 playthroughs of all the previous episodes, says Bruner, and found that there were 42 approximate paths people took. Not necessarily 42 identical playthroughs, with the exact same decisions every time, but 42 different styles of playthrough.

"Some of you are pragmatic, some of you are family-driven, some like joking with Kenny," Bruner says. "Some hate Jane, some empathize with Sara, and of course, those big branchy choices were there as well."

"The game is kind of like a weird 'personality test' that lets you know who you are (or at least who you're pretending to be)."​

The story generator asks questions of you that are designed to determine which path you took or would take, giving you the base for Season Three.

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Source: GameSpot