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Techland Puts A Hold On Development of Hellraid


The current status of Techland's new demon slasher, Hellraid, was not meeting their expectations. Because of this, they plan on backtracking a bit and reinventing the game's core structure. The production of Hellraid has now come to a halt and will not be released in 2015, as announced earlier this week.

Considering how well Techland has done previously with games such as Dying Light and the Dead Island series, many people had high expectations, myself included, for this new co-op dark fantasy. I hope all goes well with future production of this game, as it seemingly has some great potential in the genre. It also appeared to have good graphics, mobility of characters, and other interesting game mechanics. However, I still prefer Techland going back to the drawing board to make improvements rather than continuing forward and releasing a sub-par game.

Hellraid was originally announced for release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2013 before being delayed to 2014. Then later it was pushed back again to some time in 2015. In April 2014 though, Techland said Hellraid would not be a release for last gen consoles but would be upgrading to new-gen and PC only.

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